Mount Hood/ Earthquake Chile

Jimmiilya Ridges/ Janis Black

Facts about Mount Hood

Mount Hood is my volcano's name. It's located in Oregon. This is a Stravolcano type of volcano. Last time Mount Hood eruption was the year of 1866 and by that time it killed 80,000 people. In U.S money the damage cost at least 3 to 8 Billion dollars in the U.S today. Also when Mount Hood eruption happens or even if it happens again, Washington can also feel it, On the East and West coast.

Facts about Earthquake Chile

Earth quake Chile is the earth quake killed 1,655 people and left 3,000 injured. The damage is $117,500,000,000,00 U.S dollars. The boundary is Nazca plate south american plate. The magnitude of this earth quake is 9.5. Also its location is Chile city.