Effects of Being A Jew in WW2

Entree by Harrison

When in Death Camps how where Jews changed?

During life in the camps many prisoners where treated horribly by SS guards and Kapos, this changed the way they looked at the human race as people. Often times family's where split up because of their physical abilities and they slowly deteriorated as people.

Chelmno, Auschwitz and Buchenwald

Three Themes in Night

The Themes

The first theme to me is the bond between father and son. I think this is a theme because of all the things the two go through in the book together and how much they needed each other for mental stability. The second is perseverance. A specific example of perseverance is when Eli leaves the camp with his father and does not allow his injured foot to hinder him. The last theme and probably most important in the book is faith. I feel like this is a theme because it shows the good side to people that believed in God and the bad side as well. Right now in the book due to what Eli has witnessed, he no longer believes in God but also blames his problems on him. And for some faith is all they had to get them through the horrible times.

What does Night reveal about me as a person?

I feel like the novel Night makes me appreciate my dad because he loves me and we are not in a bad situation. Also it makes me appreciate that I am not being persecuted for my religion or anything in general. Overall this book makes me realize that I need to appreciate life more and realize that I have it good compared to what others in the past have had it.