Paris, France

the remarkable city of lights known from around the globe

Where is Paris?

Paris is the capital city of the European country, France.
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The Perfect Climate

Experience Paris' superior climate and weather on your dream vacation. Paris has a moderate climate, which one of the reasons why it's such a great vacation spot! Spring and Fall are nice times to visit; there's lovely weather in both seasons. Be sure to pack various clothes, because you'll need different clothes for each season you're there. There are some foggy/windy days, but wind does not blow hard. You'll love Paris' amazing climate and weather. It's so refreshing!
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France has an extraordinary language - there are so many things to know about it! In France, french is the official language. It is also the most commonly written language, written in letters, from A to Z. You can communicate with some of the citizens of Paris by simply just saying hello - "Bonjour", or goodbye - "Au Revoir". Pick up some dandy facts about France's sensational language.

A Magnificent Menu

Enjoy the delicious food of Paris, bursting with flavor. Some commonly eaten foods are fresh bread, millions of different cheeses, meat, and fish. Most people in Paris do their shopping on foot, so be prepared to do so. No need to worry, there are thousands of neighborhood markets, supermarkets, and specialty shops with excellent food all around this phenomenal city. If you'd still rather eat American food, you can; but it will be at a higher price than normal. Make sure you try some of Paris' fabulous amazing market and specialty shop food!

Exhilarating Entertainment

Experience some of Paris' many activities, such as touring catacombs, visiting museums, and so much more! Popular tourist sites are the Eiffel Tower and Paris' catacombs and sewers. With spare time, you can enjoy some of Paris' casual activities, like picnicking, visiting museums, and playing sports. If you'd like to buy a souvenir that's a great idea, but first you will have to trade in your money for the money used in most European countries - euros. Paris is a major tourist site of the world; there's so much to do while you're there!

Legendary Landmarks

Just so you know, the Eiffel Tower isn't the only landmark in Paris, although it is the most popular. Other famous landmarks are the Louvre Museum, Notra Dame, Arc de Triomph, and Sacre-Coeur. One reason why the Eiffel Tower is so famous is because it was the tallest man-made structure, until 1930, when the completion of Chrysler Building was taller. Gustave Eiffel (hence the name, "Eiffel Tower") had the idea for and had the Eiffel tower built near the end of the 19th century. A cool thing about the Eiffel Tower is that it has a road going underneath it and you can climb it on stairs or ride to the top on an elevator. Have fun visiting some famous landmarks in this marvelous city.

Paris Culture

Learn about some of Paris' most popular sports, religions, and clothes. Some sports many enjoy playing are tennis, horseback riding, ice skating, roller skating, and skiing. The dominant religion of all France is Christianity, so lots of people you meet will be Roman Catholic. When in Paris, you won't just see one type of clothing, because like I said in "The Perfect Climate" section, all different clothing is needed for each season. Soak up some info about Paris' most popular sports, clothes, and religion.

Come to Paris!

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