Keep Cell Phones out of Class!

They are not as helpful as you think...

Pay Attention!

  • Using your cell phone during class is not only a distraction to you, but to your peers and even your teacher!
  • Teachers and administrators are starting to crack down because of low standardized test scores

"And while it might seem unobtrusive, it can be distracting - not only for the student doing it, but for others in the class and even the teacher." said said Rep. Peter John Petrarca (D-Dist. 44, Lincoln, Johnston, Smithfield)

There is No Educational Improvement

  • Cell phones can be used from making drug deals, to bullying and harrassment.. All during school
  • New school policies allow cell phones to be fully confiscated during class hours.

“The new policy would allow teachers to confiscate devices that are used"

The Consequential Truth

  • Many administrators demand hefty fines and legal action for any student caught sharing lewd or pornographic material.
  • School firewalls are being reinforced to prevent breaching or the use of "Proxy" websites