Travel Journal

Name __________________________________

Where are you traveling?

Landmark I am visiting: ______________________________________________

Where I need to travel: ______________________________________________

Reference Book: Using an Atlas

Use the index (back of the book) to look up the city, state, or country. Find the page number and turn to that page.

When you find the page, what do you find? What kinds of new information do you see?

Hint: Use the informational text features, such as diagrams, tables, graphs, and headings to find new information.

Write three new things you've learned about this place:




Google Earth

1. Open the app Google Earth.

2. Type your landmark into the search bar.

3. When you "arrive" at the landmark, look around. Describe some things you see/notice about this location (for example, do you see lots of trees? Buildings? Bodies of water? :

What kinds of conclusions about this place in the world can you make from virtually "visiting" this location?