No more bullying

What Is Bullying ?

Bullying is something that is not nice to do. You usually know when your being bullied when, someone keeps hurting your feelings or is hurting you physically. If someone keeps hurting you constantly that is bullying.

How Does A Bully Look And Feel ?

A bully would be hurting people most of the of the time. Sometimes bully's look happy after they have hurt someone. But sometimes a bully can also feel sad because, they sometimes remember when they got bullied. Or if the bully has problems at home and they don't know who to tell they will let it out on people.

What Type Of Bullying Is There ?

There is 4 different types of bullying. One of them is social bullying. Social bullying is when the bully embarrasses the victim in public or says rumors about some one. The second one is verbal bullying. Verbal bullying is when the bully is speaking to the victim, the bully can de saying mean thing about the victim. The third one is cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is when the bully constantly keeps writing mean stuff about the victim online. The last one is physical bullying. Physical bullying is when the victim gets physically, hurt by the bully. Some examples are punching, kicking, spitting etc.