Leapset Sri Lanka

IT now extends to a restaurant platform

Product innovation is the future of the IT industry in Sri Lanka. Leapset is leading the shit in the Sri Lankan IT industry with their restaurant operating system, a complete end-to-end platform for the restaurant industry. The company with offices in both the Silicon Valley and Colombo practices both hardware development and software development to create the optimal platform for merchants looking to augment their businesses with smart IT solutions.

Leapset Merchants, restaurateurs who use the restaurant platform enjoy integrated products & services that help them manage their restaurant business. leapset calls its holistic platform the Restaurant Operating System, because it integrates every aspect of your restaurant business from Point of sales solutions to Guest management to Payment related solution.

The biggest ingredient too Leapset’s success is the dynamic between the silicon valley product development team & the software development team based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. They both work together as a unit to produce the best results.

The Leapset engineering programs works across all four verticals

1. outside the restaurant

· Web based consumer apps

· Android & IOS based consumer apps

· Rewards programs

· Loyalty programs

2. Front of the Restaurant platform

· Reservations, Guest management (based on the acquisition and availability of Table & sittings)

· E-marketing

· Recommendations

3. Middle of the Restaurant:

· Complete platform – includes multiple hardware & software solutions.

4. Back of the Restaurant:

· Leapset product for enterprise

· Provides reporting and analytics using data extracted from credit card readers

· Web based – accessible on any browser enabled device.

For more details about Leapset Sri Lanka and IT Software Engineering of Sri Lanka you can visit their official website www.leapset.com