Andreas Vesalius

The Father of Modern Anatomy


  1. He was born December 31 in 1514 in Brussels, Belgium
  2. he came from a family of physicians
  3. as a child he was always interested in human anatomy


  1. In 1543 he published his first book . It contained over 200 drawings of detailed human organs
  2. He proved many of the Greek scientist Galen's ideas wrong
  3. he had seven volumes of his anatomy book.

Impact of today

  1. He confronted the church about human dissection
  2. he proved the world famous Galen wrong and still managed to write a book on his findings without getting prosecuted by the church.
  3. He taught many students and taught them to check their work all the time to make sure there is no error

Interesting facts

  1. he robbed grave yards to get bodies.
  2. he was accused of murdering a Spanish noble and dissecting him while alive.
  3. he used to look at dead dogs and cats to gain information.


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