By:Mitch Rokosz

What is Perseverance?

Perseverance is the way to become successful by overcoming adversities and being triumphant.

Types of Perseverances

Losing to win

At Carroll Academy the girls were distraught because they had never won a game. Over time the girls began to have problems on how to control themselves. Losing to win shows all the adversities the girls basketball team had to face through the season. The girls were inspired by their coach who never gave up on them and taught them how to get through adversity to make it a triumph. Later in the season the girls had been taught on how to control their problems and to manage situations by themselves. This video shows how losing can turn into a win.
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Winston Churchill Biography

Winston Churchill is an eloquent and influential historical figure. He was born in 1879. His childhood was lonely because his parents were never around. Throughout his life he has shown intelligence, perseverance, and leadership. For example when he graduated top class from Harrow School. He also was asked to be first lord of the admiralty. However, he is best known for his leadership that took role in World War 2. During this time, Britain was fighting against the Nazi Germans. Winston Churchill once said “But we must learn to be equally good at what is short and sharp and what is long and tough." From this quote we know that Winston is leading his army through the World War and is saying that they must be good dealing with loss because he knows there will be loss. These are some examples of the time Winston Churchill became Prime Minister.
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How Jackie Robinson Persevered

Jackie Robinson has overcome a lot of adversities and hardships to become well respected. The reason why he was successful and is known today is because he has gone through all the hardships and triumphs to become the successful person which he had turned out to be.

When Branch Rickey began his mission to look for an african american to have the heart and the guts to play major league baseball, he came across Jackie and that is who he chose to test his noble experiment. Rickey had asked Robinson if he had the guts to not fight back. Robinson was disturbed because he felt offended that someone was asking him if he was brave enough to play the game of baseball. Branch Rickey had warned Jackie Robinson of all the bad things that can possibly happen. He said that Jackie would face beanballs, racial words, unfair umpires, people intentionally trying to hurt him. Branch was warning him of the things players would do to him.

Jackie overcame all of the hardships and adversities by believing in Branch Rickey, being true to who he was as a person, and respecting others even though some of those people did not respect him. He did what Rickey told him to do and the noble experiment worked and he persevered by changing history.
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Overall Winston Churchill, Jackie Robinson and the losing to win girls had overcome adversities. We can see the adversities that people face in our every day world and try to help people prevent them and help them to not have to face those adversities. We can see how people are strong and look to see the best in people. We can be patient with people who are having trouble. We can be nice and a friend to someone that is different from us. We can try to be more understanding of others. We can be more open minded when it comes to others. If we do all of these things, it could help people persevere and become triumphant over their adversities.