Upset in the Mead Hall

First round defeat to the Demon of the Danes

Beowulf the New Champion

The match that was arranged had been an quick one as the former champion Grendel (30 - 1) has lost to the Champion of the Geats, Beowulf (6 - 0). The two fighters came into the bout with full confidence, but one was more enlightened than the other. Grendel with the clean record of 30 wins before the bout had devoured all of his opponents in a clean sweep and every victory in the first round of each match. Perhaps too much had gone into his head as he had no idea what a beast of a fighter Beowulf was. Coming in with a clean record of 5 wins, Beowulf had defeated the Big 5 of the the "Sea Monster" fighting club. No one has ever defeated all five let alone one of them.

The match in the Herot began with Grendel coming out slow, but Beowulf came out of the corner with guns blazing. The warrior of the Geats grappled the Demon of the Danes with all his might. There was no escaping the submission hold. An amazing sight to see within only one minute of the first round. Beowulf with a sidestep and arm swipe, he grasped Grendel's arm causing the shoulder and elbow to be dislocated. With that finisher, Beowulf had come out on top and had become the new champion of Herot.

Grendel had stated in the post-fight interview that he felt as though "[his] arm had been torn off completely". Beowulf felt only glory after wards, but only "had wished that his father-figure, Hrothgar, was there to see the victory."

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From the land of the Geats to Denmark to assist the Hrothgar training camp, the great warrior of the Geats and the new champion Beowulf was raised in the shadow of the legendary coaching trio of Edgetho, Hrethel, and Higlac. Having had defeated five out of the five of team "Sea Monster", Beowulf came into the bout with the Demon of the Danes with full confidence at a small record of 5 wins and zero losses. Although the number of wins were small, each of the five "Sea Monsters" were veterans of the ring.

Grendel "Demon of the Danes"

The "Demon of the Danes" came as the protégé of the controversial fighter Cain. Coming in from a clean record of 30 wins and 0 losses, all from the Hrothgar fighting club, Grendel came into the bout expecting an easy win. Little did he know that the Hrothgar fighting club had recruited a new fighter with the highest potential that anyone has ever seen in perhaps all the history of fighting.
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Hrothgar is the leader of all of the fighters in his club. A very respectable and humble leader he was as everyone looked up to him as the one that would be there until the end of all of their fighting careers. Feeling devastated from all of the losses his club was taking, Beowulf came in and decided to help out the club defeat the Demon of the Danes. Once again he would come out on top as a leader who would have success and victory come to him.

Feast and History

After the fight, many were invited to feast with the new champion. The grand banquet was a huge one where awards were given out the new champion Beowulf. Much mead was drank and many stories was told. One story was the history of the Danish rebellion against Finn and the Frisians. The Danes had lost the battle to Finn and make a truce with their conquerors. The Danish princess Hildeburg is unwillingly married to Finn. She is grieved by the death of brother Hnaef, leader of the Danes and her son. She calls for the cremation of both. The Danes were bitter and eager for vengeance so after a long winter and the coming of spring, the Danes rebelled and slayed Finn, and Hildeburg is returned back home to the Danes. It is no wonder why the Danes are great boxers as their whole history is rising up to a challenge and fighting back.