Banyan Tree

National tree of India

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The Importance of The Banyan Tree

The banyan tree's importance isn't just the tree it is also the leaves. The people of India believe that the leaf can cure diseases and help people with injures. Here are some uses of the banyan tree.

What is a Banyan tree

A banyan tree is a Indian fig tree whose branches produce aerial roots that later become accessory trunks. A mature tree may cover several acres in this manner.

The Great banyan tree

Information of the great banyan tree

The great banyan tree is over 250 years old it's date of birth is doubtful. The great banyan tree was struck by lightning in 1925 it survived two great cyclones and is still a tourist attraction today. Here is some more information


How old is the great banyan tree?

What is one thing you learned about the banyan tree?

Where is the great banyan?