Let's Make May Amazing!

Ask your tech integration specialist for help!

Hey everyone!

It's your friendly neighborhood tech integrationist! Guess what? It's May! MCAs are almost done and we're in that final push to the end of the year! Now is the PERFECT time to try something new and fun in your classroom!

I love May because it's a time for review and reflection on the year. And there's no better time to try out some new ideas in the classroom to help keep those students engaged all the way to the end!

What can we do?

  • Is there an app you've always wanted to try?
  • Do you have for a project for next year that you want another brain to troubleshoot and plan with?
  • Are you part of the 1:1 and want to start brainstorming now?
  • Are you looking for ways to incorporate 21st century skills or make your class more student centered?

Tech integrationists can support all of these things, and more!

Did you know?

Tech integrationists can:

  • Help with unit/lesson planning
  • Co-Teach lessons in your classroom
  • Help generate ideas for assessment, lesson activities, etc.
  • And more!

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