The 1st Crusade

By: Alan & Tristan

Who is involved and what groups ?

Pope Urban II, Alexius Comnenus

the Christians and Muslims were the major groups at each others throats.

When and What time period ?

The first Crusade started at 1096 and ended at 1099 after they invaded Jerusalem.

Crusaders & Muslim armies

Both were well trained and equipped, both have strong beliefs

crusader armor was heavier than the Muslim armor and the crusaders, better Calvary than crusaders.

The hatred during the crusade

In the 7th century to the 10th half the christian army was conquered by Arab armies.

Impact of the crusade

It was sparked by religious fervor in Europe, by exhortations by the various popes and to rid Europe of excess warriors left over from the regional wars.

The Results of the First Crusade

Despite Tancred's promise for protection, the Crusaders still slaughtered hundreds of men,women,and children in their victorious entrance to the city.

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