Weather Project

By: Hallie Cruson 4th Period


My city that I researched is Granbury, Texas.

Granbury is in a small town in Texas, so this makes it cooler and less polluted than if it were a big city.

for this project I interviewed my grandparents they have lived there for about 5 years and they are right on the lake.

They said that this week there it was a lot cooler than it usual and pretty rainy

Temperatures, Season, Wind

During this week the highest temperature was Monday and it was 64`the lowest temperature happened on Saturday and it was 22`all during the week it stayed pretty consistent but there were a few days that it spiked up. My predictions on the temperatures for the next week were not too far off.

Right now Granbury is ending Winter and just about to start Spring.

Also during the week the highest wind speed was 9MPH and all through the week the speeds went up then down.

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What was the precipitation and humidity like and over all climate?

This week the average amount of precipitation was .30 inches the highest one was on Wednesday and Thursday which was .90. They also had snow, sleet, ice and rain.

The humidity average was 80% but the highest was 95% and that was on Sunday.

The overall climate for this town is sunny, cool, cloudy, and dry.

Latitude and Prevailing winds

Granbury has a latitude of 32`

So this means it is in the horse latitude (high pressure)

horse latitude includes the latitudes that are 30-35` both north and south, this area releases little precipitation. This affects the climate by making the area hot and dry.

Granbury is closer to the middle, this affects the climate by giving it a mix of all the different types of precipitation.

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Climate information!

Here in Granary there are no hurricanes but there have been some tornados (the last one was in 2013)

tornadoes happen around here because, of the climate how it is cloudy and dry.

since it is a small town a few hours outside of Dallas there are no mountains.

Granbury is not close to an ocean but it is on a lake (lake Granbury), this can affect the climate be not making it as humid.

I think if this city were to move closer to an ocean it would become more humid.