Crosswise is looking for Data Gurus

And you even get 5,000 NIS if you help us find one!

What is this all about?

If you love dealing with data, turning terabytes of information inside out and upside down, and you're not afraid of applying machine learning where needed (and not applying it when you don't need it), then we want you.

You also get a huge plus if you have practical experience with dealing with big data, applied machine learning and Python.


Crosswise uses big data, machine learning and proprietary algorithms to build the worlds most comprehensive and accurate device graph. Our technology links a phone, PC, tablet and TV to a single user without using any personally identifiable information and in compliance with industry privacy standards.

We provide access to our proprietary device graph to DSPs, retargeters, DMPs, attribution providers, publishers and analytics companies amongst others. Our mission is to provide our customers with the ability to add cross device capabilities to their existing business in a simple and cost effective manner.

We are 12 people, with both top tier engineers and professional data scientists with great programming and research skills, and we love solving (really) hard problems. If you're like us, then you'll have a lot of fun at Crosswise.

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