By Camille Sorrentino

Canada's Wild Horses

Canada's wild horses are wonderful, they give you an example of something so wild and free. They are willing to eat tree bark and leaves if there is no grass to be found. But the wild horses in Canada are now facing a much more dangerous situation then finding no grass. Wild horses increase their numbers by about 20% a year. Managing wild horses is getting harder and harder. Many are now up for adoption, but it takes time to train wild horses. Many are being kept at BLM facilities for their whole lives. I hope that someday we might change the way that we treat wild horses. Some are in even more danger than increasing there numbers. There was a law passed in Nevada that now horses can be slaughtered. Many wild horses are going to the slaughter house. I hope that people will realize their mistakes.

Canadian Mounted Police

Often times called Mounties, the Canadian Mounted Police, in their Scarlet coats riding black horses, mainly patrol the border and make sure that all is how it should be.

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The Canadian Foods

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Sautéed Fiddleheads

The picture above shows a Canadian dish known as Sautéed Fiddleheads. These springy greens are the new sprouts of woodland ferns.

The Canadian Flag

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The maple leaf on the flag represents the nations unity

Canada's National Anthem

Canadian National Anthem lyrics Oh Canada