ACT Prep

Creating A Program That Works

ACT UP! Create success at your school!

- Increase the percentage of students achieving national/state/CCR benchmarks.

- Increase your school's overall composite score on the March Exam as well as composite upon graduation.

-Increase student and teacher confidence levels as well as collaboration.

Functional, Coordinated, Successful

A functional ACT Prep Program is:

- embedded in the regular classroom curriculum.

- flexible in meeting the needs of all students at all levels.

-data driven and focused on positive student outcomes.

-a pathway to student success - KEES money, scholarships, college entrance, course requirements as well as admission to specialty programs.

A Recipe for Success

Establish a baseline and progress monitor.

Create an initial process for improvement.

Reassess growth and target broad weaknesses.

Create opportunities to target individual student weaknesses as well as provide students with a voice in directing their study.

Initiate variety in instructional methods.

Establish intrinsic and extrinsic incentives.

Coordinated Prep Gets Results

"That some achieve great success is proof to all that others can achieve it as well." ~ Lincoln

More Than Just a Score

Despite a successful outcome, students and teachers reported that the prep process implemented at JCHS made them feel more confident, empowered and most of all prepared. Students felt as if they were in charge of their learning as well as improving their scores. Teachers indicated that they felt that the collaborative process was instrumental in building their capacity in the classroom.