War Of 1812

By Preston Bigler


I dedicat this to my dad, my mom, and my whole family.


The war of 1812. Also known as the forgotten war. They call it that because only a few people know about the war. Not a lot of people know why the war was fought or events in between.

The Sea

Most parts of the war were at sea. One of the most well-known events was impressment. Impressment is basically where British soldiers would come along US ships and take British soldiers back, but sometimes they would mistake them for US soldiers. At the time of the most impressment was when the British was fighting France in the French Indian war. They were not fighting us yet.

The French Indian War

The French Indian war or also known as the seven year war was an important part of the war of 1812. It is because when the British was fighting the French they needed as many solider as they could get, so that’s why impressment happened, to get troops. The French Indian war was over the Ohio Valley River. The Indians that the French were fighting, was actually called “The Ohio Valley River Indians.”

Fire In The Capitol

One of the best known events to happen was the burning of the capitol. They got to the capitol because of bad preparation. The cause of the bad preparation is because we never thought that they would come to Washington D.C. from Baltimore. A building that took nine years to build, was burned in 24 hours. [ FUN FACT] The British where actually so surprised by the money and the time that was put in to making it, they thought about not burning it down.


The war of 1812 was a very interesting war. I loved learning about it. Its always fun to learn about stuff before we were born, because we don't know how it was. So even tho this was only a slight glimpse into the war of 1812, it was enough to get an idea.


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