DaesjhaValentine 's Own Words

Anasazi, Adena, hOPEWELL , And Mississippians

Anasazi Is People Who Build Alot Of Things Like Dams, And Ditches, And Many More.

Anasazi Are Also People Live In Houses Made Of Stone.

Adena Are People Known As Eastern Woodlands And They Live In Ohio. They Grew Food And Produces Stuff.

Hopewell Are People Build Things Like Mounds And They Sometimes Got Up To 40 High And 100 Feet Wide. Hopewell Arrived In Ohio In 300 BC. Hopewell's Nick Name Was" Mound Builders".

Mississippians Arrived In Mississippi By 800 BC. Mississippians Had Plants That Were Used For Food.The Population Increased So They Had More People To Come To Their Land. They Builded A Mound Aprox. 1OO Ft. High.