Viva La Puerto Rico

By~ Sydney Moates and Tara Connick


Are you looking for a new place to live? Visit? Well we know just the right place for you!! Puerto Rico! Puerto Rico has many families, businesses and tourists visiting all year around which obviously means its a spectacular country to visit!

Who's got the money?

~Puerto Rico has the most dynamic economy in the caribbean!

~The main industry in Puerto Rico is agriculture which brings in lots of economic activities and much income!

~Mainland farms have invested very heavily since the 1950s!

Who's in charge around here?

~Puerto Rico has a commonwealth government type meaning that it's a nation founded by law and is united by the compact of the citizens.

~Commonwealth government is a type of government that is limited

~Alejandro Javier Garcia Padillo is the 11th and current governor of Puerto Rico, pretty nice fella he is!

How does physical geography affect daily life?

~Puerto Rico's climate is sunny all year around with very mild summers and winters!

~Puerto Rico is located on a caribbean island between the caribbean sea and the North Atlantic ocean so there's definitely many nice beaches to go visit!

~There are many beach activities, fun jobs and much more!!

How do people's beliefs and and culture influence society?

~The main languages used in Puerto Rico are English and Spanish

~Most people living in Puerto Rico follow different religions, so there isn't just one main religion that people follow

~Most of Puerto Rico's holidays are the same holidays that are in America. Such as... Christmas, Mother's Day, Fathers Day, Memorial Day, Constitution Day, Colombus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, New Years, and many more!!!

~Many popular neighborhoods that you should consider visiting are Cabo Rojo, Carolina, Guanica, Lajas, Ponce, Salinas, San Juan, Toa Baja and many other wonderful neighborhoods!

~The most popular vacation spot in Puerto Rico are Cabo Rojo and the very beautiful beaches there!!

~Many traditions are religious traditions such as how some people dress, how the talk, what jobs they have, where they live, etc!


You should definitely come and fly over to Puerto Rico! It's a beautiful and amazing place to visit with many interesting vacation spots! Puerto Rico is filled with many nice neighborhoods that have unowned houses waiting for you to move into! Hope to see ya there!