Classroom Connections

Mrs. Sedlar's Class

Important Dates

2-15 No School

2-22 2nd Base Reading Log Goal DUE!!

2-25 Author Visit

2-26 Falcon Frenzy

2-26 February Frenzy 6:00pm

3-2 Dr. Seuss Day

3-4 Discovery World Field Trip

3-7 3rd Base Reading Log Goal DUE!!

3-10 Lac Lawrann

3-21 HOMERUN Reading Log Goal DUE!!

3-23 Kohl's Wild Theater & Falcon Frenzy & End of 3rd Quarter

3-24 to 4-3 No School- SPRING BREAK

This Week in 1st Grade:

Math: Our focus this week will be on greater than and less than. Last week we worked with tens and ones. Review with your child the dime and penny. You should be able to lay out an amount of money with dimes and pennies (less than 40 cents) and your child should be able to count it and tell you how much money you have. They also should be able to break it down into how many tens and how many ones! Try it out!! :) If you want to challenge your child you could always go above 40, but please make sure they have the concept before stretching them further!!

Reading: Next week we will begin a new 3 week unit on summarizing. We will be focusing on summarizing nonfiction texts and using fix-up strategies while we read.

Writing: We are moving on from personal narratives and are diving into our new unit of writing! Our focus for the next couple of weeks will be writing an informational report!

Science: Our plant unit is finished so we will be moving on to Social Studies!

Social Studies: We will be spending a few short days on President's Day. We will be learning about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln! Then we will be beginning our unit on Nutrition. We will be learning the 5 food groups and learning how to create a healthy meal!!

Spelling Words

Spelling words for this week are:

1. pie

2. sigh

3. tie

4. find

5. high

6. might

**long i **


Just a reminder that there is NO SCHOOL on Monday, February 15th!!

Thank You

Thank you for being such amazing families and such understanding families when I made a mistake this week. I try very hard to be a great communicator for you and to keep you all informed of things happening at school with your child. Thank you for all you do for your child, our classroom, and for me!! I appreciate all of you!!