What's New in C2?

May 16-20

A Note from C2 Lead Learners

The end of a school year is always bittersweet. On the one hand, it's exciting to reflect on each child's growth and to celebrate the possibilities that lie ahead of them. On the other hand, it means that our time with your children is drawing to a close, and soon we will no longer be a part of each others' daily lives.

We want to take a moment to thank you for sharing your children with us this year. We've loved growing together, and the support and encouragement you've offered this year has been essential to the learning process. Thank you for all that you've done both for your child and for us! As teachers, it's easy to believe that we are the "front men" on the lines of education. We are merely the reinforcements. Don't underestimate the intricate role you play in your child's education, and again, we thank you for letting us partner with you this year!

"At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child's success is the positive involvement of parents." -Jane D. Hull

Upcoming Events

  • May 23: Last Week Luau
  • May 26: Last Day of School

*Absences, tardies, and check-outs on Wednesday, May 25, and Thursday, May 26, will not count against your child's attendance record.

Last Week Luau

Come hula into summer with us on Monday, May 23, as we celebrate our year together in C2! The fun begins at 9:30. See the flyer below for all the details! We would love for parents to join us in this celebration. Please remember to sign in at the office before heading over to the parking lot next to the lunchroom.

*If you signed up to bring supplies for our relays, please send them to Mrs. Housley's room (Room 140) on Monday morning. Set up will begin at 9:00, and all supplies are needed by 9:00.

*If you signed up to bring the cooler, waters, or popsicles for your child's class, please deliver them to your child's Lead Learner on Monday morning.

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Alexander Family

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Gavin is super excited that we only have 5 days left.

Davis Family

Food art
Check out our slideshow featuring photos from our food sculpting lesson with local artist, Julianne Hansen.

Franklop Family

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Housley Family

Steindorff Family

Help Needed

C2 is moving upstairs for the next school year! By next Friday, we are required to have our entire classroom packed. If you happen to have any cardboard boxes, we'd greatly appreciate the donation! Even just one box would be helpful.

Summer Learning: Reading

Summer break is only a week away, and we want to help your child continue his learning through the time away. So what's the number one way to help your child prevent the "summer slide"? READING! We encourage you to read to your child, read with your child, and listen to your child read to you.

The benefits of reading are great. Not only does reading make your child a better reader, but it also helps him or her become a better writer, a better thinker, and even a better friend (Reading develops empathy!). If you have a reluctant reader, consider making the task a little easier with one of these ideas:

  • Read to your child! Have him or her sit beside you (Elbow to elbow, knee to knee, book in the middle so we both can see!) or in your lap.
  • Offer your child a bedtime extension. Allow him or her to stay up an extra 30 minutes past his or her bedtime to read or be read to.
  • Visit bookstores and libraries. The choice that reading offers is a huge motivator for young readers. If he or she is a picky reader, visit Mr. Matt at the Pike Road Library branch, or let your child pick a book he or she has enjoyed before. Please don't let your child hear, "That's too easy for you," or "That's too hard for you." Readers of any age can enjoy the simplest of books. If the text is too difficult for your child to read independently, read it to him or her.
  • Design a project to celebrate books read over the summer. Set aside a location in the house to write a running list of books that were read over the summer. Make a collage to hold the titles of books read. Help your child write book reviews on Amazon or GoodReads.
  • Start a book club. Find a friend (or two) who would like to read a book together. Set a schedule (e.g. "Monday, we'll meet and discuss chapters 1 and 2."), read, discuss, and repeat.
  • Plan experiences around the book. Did your child read The One and Only Ivan? Plan a trip to the Montgomery Zoo and discuss your observations. Did your child read Because of Winn Dixie? Find some yellow and pink streamers, whip up some egg salad, and throw a party like India Opal's party. Did your child read Poppy? Order owl pellets to dissect, and take a day trip to the Auburn Raptor Center.

Summer Learning: Math

The second best thing your child can do over the summer is to practice basic addition and subtraction facts. Instant recall of basic math facts will serve your child well as he or she encounters more complex computations in later grades. Once a child has a basic understanding of addition and subtraction, help your child memorize his or her math facts. Your child should be able to complete 30 problems in 1 minute and 30 seconds. This amounts to spending 3 seconds on each math fact. To help at home, our learners generated a list of resources that are good for practicing math facts. No matter which resource you use, we encourage children to make time for fact practice each weekday. A few minutes of practice daily will go much farther than sporadic sessions of longer practice.


  • Xtra Math

  • Sumdog

  • Sushi Monster

  • Math Workout

  • FF Math


Other Practice

When making an addition test:

  • Select “Addition” from the dropdown box.

  • Enter "2 to 9" in the Minimum or Range field.

  • Enter "2 to 9" in the Maximum or Range field.

  • Select 6 rows, and 5 problems in each row.

  • Hit the “Generate” button.

When making a subtraction test:

  • Select “Subtraction” from the dropdown box.

  • Enter 4 to 18 in the Minimum or Range field.

  • Enter 2 to 9 in the Maximum or Range field.

  • Enter 2 to 9 in the Answer Range field.

  • Select 6 rows, and 5 problems in each row.

  • Hit the “Generate” button.

100 Book Club

C2 is proud of all of our readers! Mark Frundeh, Kylie Myers, and Ashley Lee joined the 100 Book Club in the month of April. Congratulations!
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Pike Road Library Summer Calendars

Use the calendars below to plan your family's summer library visits.
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Food for Thought

The following links can help us all (parents, teachers, administrators) to better understand children's needs. We hope you find these reads both interesting and informative!