Smoking and Our Environment

By Michael Crookshanks & Sarah Rosenberg

The Facts

  • "Three cigarettes can cause more air pollution than a diesel car's exhaust, according to an Italian study." (WebMD)

  • In 2005, an estimated 135 million pounds of cigarette butts were dumped on U.S. soil alone

  • In California, cigarette butts are the most common toxic waste

  • It is estimated that one tree is killed for every 300 cigarettes produced...that's one tree for every 1 1/2 cartons

The Casino Queen

In an Illinois casino, The Casino Queen hotel, a study from 2007 through 2008 was conducted. The tests compared air quality before and after the state enacted a statewide ban on smoking in public locations. The results were shocking:
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Cigarette Butts - The Most Littered Item in the World - Green Initiative

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