TST BOCES Creative Writing Contest


Contest Updates:

The CWC has just one month left!

Here are a few things you should know:

  • Submission links for each category are listed on the Cooperative Enrichment home page
  • Printable step by step directions are listed on the homepage; please have students reference these when submitting an entry
  • Videos are also on the homepage to help guide students through the submission process


Students can not submit Google Docs through the upload site if using a Chromebook. If students are submitting using a Chromebook, they must convert the document to a Word document.

Students can do so by moving to "File" on the left hand side of their screen. Then moving to "Download as", then choosing Word document. The Word document can then be found in their Google Drive and uploaded through the submission link.

Please feel free to reach out if you have questions or need assistance. TST Tech Integration Specialists and I are on hand to help you and your students if you need!

Printable step by step directions

Creative Writing Contest Opens February 1, 2016

The TST BOCES Creative Writing Contest will open on February 1, 2016. This year all submissions will be entered through a Google Form. This will simplify the submission process and will not require teacher log in.

The Google Form will be posted on the Cooperative Enrichment web site, will be pushed out to teachers and principals in the schools, and will be shared through our social media sites (Twitter and Facebook).

The Office of Cooperative Enrichment recently assisted the Ithaca Journal with their November essay contest "What I'm Thankful For This Year". We utilized a Google Form for submission collection and it worked beautifully seamlessly cataloging more than 300 submissions!

This form will be a bit different than the system used in the past, but I assure you that the process will be easier and require less time with technical aspects leaving more time for the creative process.

Student Submissions

Because teachers are not registering for the contest this year, they will not have direct access to their students' work, however, I am happy to provide submissions for you.

New Category! Rap!

This year the Creative Writing Contest will expand to include a rap category. Submissions will be entered through the Google Form which will be sent to all teachers and posted on the Cooperative Enrichment web site. This category is open to all grade levels (4-12).


The rap should be 12-16 lines long.

The rap should be original and should be absent of profanity and vulgar language.

Raps should focus on current or historical events. i.e. Martin Luther King Jr, civil rights, Black Lives Matter movement, climate change, presidential election, etc.

Students can only submit to one category in the contest i.e. writing, or poetry, or visual arts, or rap.

Students in grades 9-12 only may submit audio files or video files of their rap. Students in grades 4-8 must submit lyrics only.


December: Teacher Test Drive

January: Refining of Google Form, Publicizing of the Event

February 1: Google Form Submission Link open to students

March 30: Google Form Submission Link closes

April- May: Judges identify winning submissions

Mid May: Winners announced

June: Awards/certificates sent to school districts

June: Winning submissions posted to TST BOCES Cooperative Enrichment Web Page

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