SLRI Newsletter

March 2015

Conference Information

Our Conference Day is Coming Soon

School Librarians of Rhode Island will hold their annual conference on Friday, April 10th at the Providence Marriott. Click here to register.

You will definitely want to be there for the opportunity to listen to an incredible panel of authors and illustrators who will talk about their craft and then have book signings immediately following the panel!

Early registration ends March 23 (this coming Monday). After Monday, additional registration fees will apply. We need all registrations submitted online or postmarked by March 30. We can't wait to share this conference experience with you!

Author Panel Information

Brief Board Update

The February Board meeting was held on Thursday, February 26, 2015, 4:15 pm at the New England Institute of Technology in East Greenwich, Hall of Fame Room.
  • The letter sent to the University of Rhode Island Provost in support of their School Library Media Program was reviewed.
  • The NISTE “Making IT Happen” award was approved.
  • Discussion was held on Doctoral Student request to survey membership about how No Child Left Behind affected Library Programs.
  • The Conference Committee shared information on the April 10th conference. The conference form, renewal options, and conference sign up were discussed.
The March Board meeting will be held on March 19th.

The most recent Watering Hole, organized by Diane Walsh and Katie O'Kane, was held March 10th at J. Gray's Family Tavern in Cumberland.

Advocacy for School Library Month

Advocacy Committee

School Library Month is on its way, and we want to spread the word about what our members do all day. One activity we have planned is a media advisory to local print, online, and broadcast outlets inviting them to spend time at a school library. If you are interested in possibly hosting a reporter, please email Meredith Moore at

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Member Spotlight: Jackie Lamoureux

Amazingly (at least to me) I have been a librarian for almost 40 years. In 1975 I received my MLS from URI. In those days assignments for the reference classes involved hours spend in the university library scouring thick tomes, and in our technology classes we built databases using computer punch cards.

What a journey it has been. A believer in lifelong learning before it was a buzz phrase, I went into the field because I wanted to share my love reading and my passion for discovering new things. And that is still what I love about this profession.

This is my 27th year in school libraries. Currently, I am at Deering Middle School in West Warwick. Before that I worked mostly in public libraries, but also in a medical library and even did a short stint in a film library. And I loved it all. I had wonderful colleagues over the years, willing to share what they are learning and doing, and always willing to offer suggestions and solutions. Serving with these colleagues in professional organizations has been both a way to learn and a way to give back. I have been on the SLRI board for about 10 years in various capacities, including president.

For the past few years I have been RIDE liaison. Though It sounded a little scary at first, I had the opportunity to get out the word about what we do, how policies affect us, and to give input from SLRI members into the decision making process. I won't pretend that my efforts made a big difference, but I do believe we are now expected to be part of the conversations.

As I contemplate retirement, and look at the school librarians who are active in the field, I know the profession is in good hands, and I encourage you to be active in SLRI. There are so many ways to contribute. Pursue your interests: advocacy, legislative issues, technology initiatives, collaboration, etc.; and the whole association will benefit along with you.