By Jenna Hutsell

Rosa Abbot

Rosa Abbot was one of the survivors on the Titanic. She was born on January 14, 1873. On a Tuesday. She was 39 years old when she was on the Titanic. She was traveling with her two sons, Mr Rossmore Edward Abbot and Mr Eugene Joseph Abbot. Sadly her boys got lost and then later were found dead.


Titanic's height and length - the height of the Titanic, from the top of the funnels to the keel in meters (53.3 meters). Then the length in feet and inches (269.1 meters).What was suppose to make the boat unsinkable was the water compartments. It was suppose to hold water, if flooded and still float. My survivor was in 3rd class and the cost of her ticket was 20 pounds. The 3rd class had rooms that were smaller and had less choices on what one could do and food choices. But the main things that separated social groups were background, wealth, and education.

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What happened to the ship and the rescue

What happened to the Titanic? It crashed into a major iceberg on day four of their voyage. Day five, April 15,1912, the Titanic could not hold up that much longer and finally sank because the first four compartments got flooded, and then flooded the rest of the ship. Rosa's rescue was in the cold water -2F. The boat came and rescued her. She was the only female passenger to be rescued from the water. She needed medical assistance right away, mainly due to the water effects on her legs.

Life after the Titanic

My survivor lived at East providence Rhode Island, United States. She returned back with her mom and she was in an divorce. My survivor died Monday the 18th of February, 1946.