Trip To Paris France

By: kaytlen archuleta

May 31st leaving denver co

Airlines: American Airlines

Departure Time:7:53 am Price: $1636.84

Arrival Time: 8:45 am

Connecting?:Miami Flordia

Connecting departure:5:45 pm Total travel time: 16 hours 52 minuests

Connecting arrival: 8:45 am

Day 1

Hotel: Hotel ares eiffle. This hotel is in a great neighbor hood and is very quiet and here is plus you can see the eiffle tower from the hotel.The total cost for all 7 days is $2581.39

For breakfast we are going to starbucks to get a vanilla bean frappachino $10. For lunch we will enjoy cafe marly which costs 22 euros per person. The hard rock cafe is where we will have dinner for 35 euros per person.

For the first part of my day i wil be going to the eiffel tower and go up to the top.The eiffel tower made paris known for its nickname the city of light. The eiffel tower is a symbol and skyline of paris.

Now the bus tour of paris. You go on a bus for 2 hours and 15 minuets.This bus gives a tour of paris and goes on the main streets of paris and costs 31.00 euros. Now for transpertation i rented a car for the whole trip that costs $127.20



Breakfast:Cafe de la paix 40 euros Lunch:Cafe de liprimerie 13 euros

Dinner:le verre vole

Today we are going to tour the lourve museum.At this museum the original MONA LISA painted by LEONARDO DE VINCI.Rumor has it the MONA LISA looks at you.

Also to get so realaxsation time i am going to the O'kari hammam spa.The O'kari hammam spa offers body scrubs,shampoo with head massage,accses to a jaccusi,realaxing and nourishing with essentail oils,and hair drying. Total cost for the whole thing 150 euros for 2 hours.

Day 3

Today for breakfast I'm going to go eat at ''Breakfast in America'' and an adverage meal there cost 10 euros.then for lunch i am going to go to Bobs Juice Bar. Last but not least for dinner I am going to dine at Guilo Guilo.

The first thing I am going to do today Is visit one of the most famous monuments in Paris France. I am going to the Arc De Triumph. This monument honors people the fought and died.

Next to the la conciergerie which used to be the former royal palace but now it is a prison.

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Day 4

Today for breakfast im going to the café au bit. and for lunch I will go to chez georges. Then I will go out for pizza at pizza rossi.

All day I am going to go to Disney land and ride losts of rides and see there new show disneys dream show.To go to Disney land it cost 59 euros.


Flights Home


Departure Time: 8:30am

Arrival Time: 5:44pm

Connecting flights: Brussels leaves at 11:00am arrives at 12:50 in Chicago then layover from 12:50pm to 4:10pm. then depart in Chicago at 4:10pm and get to Denver at 5:44.


Total Travel Time: 16 hours 30 minuets

How many days will it take you to get to your destination?

It will take me two days to get to my destination.


Although there are many places to visit in the world,I chose Paris France. Why? You ask. Well I chose paris because its the city of love and it is also the city of light because of the Eiffel Tower. There were a lot of flights available but I could only chose one. When I got to paris I rented a car to take me where ever I wanted to go,that way I dont have to pay a bunch of money to take a cab.My itinerary included lots of tours and realaxation. plus i got a lot of coupons from the concierge.also a lot of people helped me get to the safest places.The hardest thing for me to do was to find restraunts to eat at. the way i solved that problem was by puting more key word in my search engine. as cool as this trip sounds i cant really go on it beacause i dont have $10,000 to spend.

BY: Kaytlen Archuleta ♥♥