Welcome to 2014!

Bring it ON!

Unleash YOUR Greatness!

As I sat here looking back on what an amazing year 2013 was, I planned to highlight our accomplishments, recap numbers, and give you motivation and inspiration through a few of my favorite quotes (I'm very big into quotes, especially via song lyrics) to pump us up for the new year. But as I was typing, I received an email from Cindy that had a link to a video by Robin Sharma on how to unleash your greatness in 2014. This 7 minute video lit a fire within me and excited me beyond measure for the blank slate this new year affords. So, I scrapped the recap.

Every single one of us has breathtaking potential to make this our best year yet, in all aspects of our life...and it all begins today. While last year's numbers were astounding - we far surpassed my goals for team sales, number of team members and trunk shows held, I know I haven't seen anything yet! So, I leave 2013 as I hope you all do, with a smile on my face and a fire in my belly to truly make this my best year yet - spiritually, personally, and in my business. I simply lead you into the new year with this video - so cheers to an incredible 2014 and us all unleashing our greatness!

Watch the video here: