Raven Scholarship Application

Raven is offering five $1,000.00 Scholarships, due May 15th!

Congratulations Seniors!

April is well under way and only five more weeks until our deadline for assignments are due! With that comes opportunities to start anew as we welcome spring. I would like to welcome you the opportunity to help you reach your goals. All graduating seniors can apply. You'll need to submit your application no later than May 15th to either your advisory teacher or counselor. Please include a narrative section explaining your accomplishments, goals, and plans. Recipients will be announced at graduation.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact your local office!

Raven Scholarship Application

Graduating Seniors--Please fill out and submit promptly by May 15th to be eligible for a $1,000 scholarship. Once your application is received by your counselor, your advisory teacher will provide your contact teacher a recommendation form to fill out on your behalf. Recipients will be announced prior to graduation. Please request a confirmation email that your application and all the required paperwork has been received.