Hello......It's me

Laynie Macy

This is me....

  • I was born On November 7, 2001 in Hillsboro , Texas.
  • My natural hair color is dark brown, i have green eyes, but they change color sometimes
  • I'm 4'10 1/2 but I hit a growth spurt recently soooo....

My Crazy Family

  • My mom's name is Ashley, My step-dad's name is Jorge and my biological father's name is Timothy
  • I have 7 siblings all together, six sisters and one brother
- Three sisters are my half sisters who live with my biological dad, we have different moms

- The other three are my step-sisters from my step-dad

- My brother is my half brother, we have different dads

My dog Opie Kayne-Meyer

He is a lot bigger now than in this picture
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Sports Teams





5 Seconds of Summer

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My all time favorite band is 5 Seconds of Summer

Me Now