Third Grade Cardinal Chronicle

December 4, 2015

Mrs. Johnston's Class

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Upcoming Dates to Remeber

December 18th Market Day (see below)

December 18th Holiday Party

December 21-Jan 4 Holiday Break

Next Week's Special Area Classes

  • Monday- Day 4 Art
  • Tuesday- Day 5 PE
  • Wednesday- Day 6 Music
  • Thursday- Day 1 Art
  • Friday- Day 2 PE

What's Happening in Mrs. Johnston's Class

Social Studies- Economy- Market Day

Our Economy Unit is in full swing!!

We are in the process of writing a business plan as we learn about the key aspects of our economy.

Remember that your child will be making a good to sell or providing a service. Please ask your child for a materials list for the item they will be making. If you can provide the materials for this activity we would truly appreciate it. If there are things you cannot provide we will send home a wish list to see if other families might already have some of the supplies. We would like to have all materials at school by Monday, December 7th so we can make a prototype to use in our advertising. We will begin production as soon as we have our materials.

If you are interested in helping us with production during the week of December 7th or 14th please let me know and we will work out a time for you to come. We really appreciate your support!!

Hour of Code- December 7-11

Hour of code is a week dedicated to giving students the opportunity to learn more about computer science. We will be participating for at least one hour during the week using iPads, computers, and Spheros. This is a time for students to explore and become more familiar with coding. If you would like to learn more you can go to to play and learn. :)


  • We will continue our small reading groups. Ask your child what book we are reading in our small group. When our small groups wrap up the students will be reading in partnerships and meeting with me to work on reading skills and discuss their current book selections.
  • Students will continue to learn about strategies when reading independently.
  • We will continue looking at and investigating nonfiction pieces including opinion and persuasive texts.
  • We will continue our daily 5 activities where we will read, write, and do word work.


  • We will continue learning about time to the half hour, quarter hour, and to the minute.
  • We will learn about elapsed time and solve real world problems that involve this skill.
  • We will continue with math workshop where the students practice math alone, with partners, and in groups while I get to know the students better as mathematicians.
  • We will continue to solve real world problems using many different strategies that we have learned through exploration and through watching others.
  • Students will be working to create their own math games, four blocks, and problems of the day. These will become part of our math workshop as they finish them.


  • We will continue to explore nonfiction authors and the reasons for writing a nonfiction book.
  • We will begin looking at and writing opinion and persuasive pieces. We will write a persuasive advertisement for our business for Market Day.
  • We will continue to write about topics of our choice.

Genius Hour

We have had some wonderful Genius Hour presentations! We have learned about coal, bunnies, arrowheads...we have learned how to make slime and play-doh. We have people studying jellyfish and how gum is made...if you can imagine it you can explore it!! Genius Hour is one of the best times of the week! Students get to choose what they would like to learn about and then present it in any way they choose! They work at their own pace and they are having so much fun they don't even know they are learning! :)


Background Checks & Anti-bullying Video

If you want to volunteer, chaperone fieldtrips or eat lunch in the cafeteria, guests must have an approved background check on file and complete the Anti-bullying video. Background checks are good for 3 years. If you have questions about your background check, contact the TCE office.
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