Michael Faraday

By: Keanna Gagnon



Contribution 1:

Michael Faraday harnessed the power of electricity and he worked with electromagnetic induction which is a process where a conductor placed in a changing magnetic field which causes the production of a voltage across the conductor. He discovered electromagnetic induction on August 29, 1831.

Bio(History info)

  • Michael Faraday was born on September 27, 1791. At the age of 13 Michael quit school and he became an errand boy and he delivered newspapers to others. He also worked as a errand boy for a full year. Faraday went to work as a book and binding named Riebau. Michael was fascinated with electricity and read everything he could find on the subject. He bound the recopied notes together then made them into huge books. His years were from 1791-1867.
  • Michael explored the field of electricity. He invented the Volta Meter which is used to measure the electric current by weighing it.
  • Michael Faraday was the first to describe Chlorine and Carbon.

Contribution 2:

  • His name frequently connects to effects, laws, and apparatus.
  • Michael stopped working entirely in 1841.
  • Faraday died on August 25, 1867.
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Contribution 3:

  • 1813, Faraday took position as Humphrey Davys assistant.


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In conclusion, my presentation was about all of Michael Faradays bio history and his accomplishments.