U.S. Space Exploration Time Line

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Mercury Missions

Goals- to orbit a manned mission around the earth and see how humans can function in space.

Landmark Accomplishments- on May 5,1961 Alan Shepard became the 1st american in space for a minute and 28 seconds.

Results- launched 25 flights with no accidents.

Gemini Missions

Goals- to subject astronauts to long duration flights and devolope effective docking missions.

Landmark Accomplishments- succsesfuly completed manuvers such as docking.

Results- launched 12 flights, 10 with no accidents.

Apollo Missions

Goals- land on moon and return to earth safely.

Landmark Accomplishments- on July 20,1969 Neil Armstrong became the first human on the moon.

Results- launched 15 missions, 12 were manned.


Goals- to investigate weather humans could survive in space.

Landmark Accomplishments- astronauts performed complex tasks inside and outside of a space station.

Results- completed 4 missions with no accidents.

Space Shuttle Missions

Goals- origanilly wanted to be a vehical but became a earth orbiter.

Landmark Accomplishments- launched 3 million pounds of cargo, 366 million miles.

Resullts- completed more than 120 missions by 2008.

International Space Station

Goals- establish a science lab in space.

Landmark Accomplishments- stay in space.

Results- launch complete, no failities.