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Do You Need To Be Informed?

Carolyn Hax: Confused About Feelings?
Dear Carolyn,
There is this boy and I am mean to him and i act like I don't like him, but I think I have a small crush on him. What should i do? Should I tell him? I really need your help. Thanks Carolyn.
- Confused girl (Vienna)
Confused Girl:
Well, I think you should tell him because he might like you. Don't tell him just yet. Wait until the right moment. Maybe you could act all flirty and that should work! You got me, if you need me!
- Carolyn

Feature Article

Brainjack is a must see movie. It has a lot of action with a little bit of romance. It's just enough for both, being an action movie I advise you to see Brainjack, to go on an action - packed adventure with Sam, Dodge, and Vienna. Brainjack is an amazing movie. You won't regret seeing it!
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In recent action, one of the best technological devices, known as a nuero - headset; has blown up an entire school! The owner of the device swears he didn't tamper with it. There was rumors that it had a virus. Could it be true? Could it really have a virus?
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BRAIN JACK, by brian Falkner