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Intro Edward Snowden once said” I can’t in good conscience allow the U.S. Government to destroy privacy internet freedom and basic liberties for people around the world with this massive surveillance they’re secretly building.”

Even a former CIA and NSA contractor disagrees with surveillance by the U.S. Government and for this reason may partner and I stand in opposition to the resolved.

Resolved The benefits of domestic surveillance by the NSA out way the harms.

To further clarify the resolution, we offer the following definitions from Merriam Webster Dictionary.

Domestic: relating to or originating with in a country and especially ones own country.

Con 1 Tag Line The NSA misuses the domestic surveillance program

Huffington Post states on 9/10/2013 the

“The documents released on Tuesday relate to a time in 2009 when US spies went to far in collecting domestic phone data and then mislead a secret spy court about there activities.” This evidence shows me that even after misleading a spy the NSA still sent a spy to invade an innocent citizen’s privacy without any warning or reason. Due to the NSA’s mistake and innocent civilian could have been harmed or arrested. Knowing the NSA has made this one mistake and were caught leads us to believe that there has been many more mistakes made by the NSA

Contention 2: The NSA exaggerates the benefits of surveillance states on 10/4/2013

During a Wednesday hearing of the Senate judiciary committee, NSA director Gen. Keith Alexander admitted that the Obama administration has exaggerated the extent to witch the NSA's domestic spying programs have helped thwart terror attacks. The administration previously had claimed NSA surveillance helped stop as many as 54 separate plots. General Alexander as addmited to lying about preventing terrorist attacks. He made a statement and and then retracted from this statement meaning he has not told the truth. The NSA are liars.

Contention 3 : NSA Has accomplished nothing with our tax dollars. said on 7/5/2013

Is dose make a difference if cameras are controlled by a city government or a privatedepartment store. No store can lock me up.But I hate to get bogged down in the surveillance debate when there are so many other ways that the government clearly threatens our freedom and our finances , while accomplishing nothing.We use our tax dollars to pay for the NSA and nothing has been accomplished . The NSA is clearly waisting time and money with no recorded results as to where this money is being spent .