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About Our Show

Sitara*, translated as bright star in Hindi, represents Asian fusion at its best. As Sitara* 2014, our performance is dedicated to the South Asian culture and is rooted in the rich heritage many of these nations were founded upon. Our annual show consists of a multi-cultural balance of fashion, acting and dance.

We pride ourselves on our ability to stand out amongst other fashion shows, and be distinguished as not only demonstrating homage to South Asian fashion, but to the cultural foundation of these various societies.

In addition to being a one of a kind yearly event, we dedicate our show and donate its proceeds to a charity of our choosing. Sitara* 2013 contributed to the Ashraya Initiative for Children, a charity which provides a home for street kids and supports various community outreach projects in Pune, India.

Sitara*, truly the brightest star on any social calendar.

Sitara* is brought to you by Sanskriti, the South Asian society of St. Andrews.

Past Designers

These are three of our past designers which donated to our Sitara* 2013 Show:

1) Nour Najem: Nour Najem runs a luxury clothing line celebrating women who wish to be both comfortable and stylish. Her line runs many beautiful evening gowns to blouses. Her support in our fashion show was fantastic, and her clothing was beautifully done. Her clothing company supports many great causes, so having her join us was a tremendous support for our chairty in 2013.

2) Pui Hang Chung: His designs were feauted in our third walk along side designer Upasna Prasad. His designs were a more "post-apocalyptic" look where the human race goes back to its instinctual nature without technology or the comforts which we have in the 21st century. All the materials were eco-friendly and homemade.

3) Hana Tajima: Hana Tajima has a degree in fashion from the United Kingdom. Her line, MAYSAA has been featured in various magazines such as Elle and Harpers Bazaar. She is currently working in various joint projects. Her clothing was featured in our IV Walk and it contributed beautiful colours and a gorgeous scene.

Our show on a whole featured 8 amazing designers from all over the world - all with one thing in common, to help us reach our goal for charity! Please see below for some pictures.

How do we reach our guests?

Sitara* remains prominent on all social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and now Instagram! They serve as Sitara's* way of connecting with our many guests and primarily how we circulate show information (e.g. ticket collections, photos, prize winners...etc.)

In addition, we have created a unique Sitara* website, which is consistently updated with new photos, videos and information. To date, our website has garnered an impressive 19, 527 page views within the last nine months.

Our new Instagram profile will now feature pictures from a 'behind-the-scenes' angle of our show. With updates ranging from photoshoots to backstage sneak peeks, our Instagram is not one to miss! #sitara #thebest

Why should you join us?

1) Different: We have the pleasure of being the only fashion show in St Andrews based through a cultural society. Our fashion show enables people from all over the world to view South Asian dress and style.

2) Charity: Every year we raise thousands for a charity that helps those in need. While our last charity focused on South India, the success of this show and the funds we raise are allowing us this year to broaden the charity to a larger group of countries and peoples! We are incredibly excited and grateful for this opportunity, and hope you join us in sharing with others.

3) Dedication: Our team is full of incredibly dedicated members. Sitara recruits only those who are driven to succeed in attaining a goal. Both the committee, models, actors, and other staff members work around the clock both 6 months before the show, and 6 days before the show to put on the very best representation of South Asian culture and style.

It is our hope that after reading this info packet and speaking to our creative team, you join us in this incredible journey.

Many thanks,

Sitara* Committee

Please have a look at our gallery below to see pictures of the past 2012 show!

Pictures become larger if pressed.