China's Longest Lasting Dynasty

The Zhou Dynasty By: Shelby Pitts

Introducing the Zhou Dynasty

Imagine this! You are a part of the Shang Dynasty and you're dynasty just got overthrown by the Zhou Dynasty. If you decide to be a part of the Zhou Dynasty then King Wu has something special for you.

The First Steps Of The Zhou Dynasty

The start of the Zhou started in 1046 BC and ended in 256 BC. The Zhou dynasty lasted the longest of China's dynasties. The dynasty started after the Shang dynasty got overthrown by the Zhou dynasty in 1046. King Wu was the first leader of the Zhou and he only ruled for 3 years. King Wu lived from1152 BC-1056 BC. King Wu and all the other leaders of the Zhou claimed to possess the mandate of Heaven. The early Zhou leaders had used the mandate of Heaven to justify their rebellion against the Shang. No person was to lead or rule without Heaven's permission. Heaven gave power to kings and leaders.

Western Zhou

The western Zhou started in 1046 BC and ended in 771 BC. King Xuan had lived from 827 BC-782 BC. He had fought many defensive battles against the non-chinese during most of his rule as a king.In 771 BC the son of King Xuan was killed during a barbarian invasion at the Haojing capitol. The royal heir thought that the Haojing capitol was too defenseless so they abandoned the capitol. The abandonment of the Haojing capitol was a major turning point in the Zhou dynasty. The abandonment of the Haojing capitol ended the Western Zhou.

Eastern Zhou

The Eastern Zhou was from 770 BC-256 BC. From 772 BC-476 BC is known as the Spring and Autumn period. It was named after the official chronicle of the small state of Lu. Towards the end of the Spring and Autumn period was a time of violence and social conflict. Because of the violence and social conflict the rulers could not afford to hire ministers on the basis of birth. The warring States Period began in 476 BC and ended in 221 BC which had ended the Zhou dynasty in 256 BC.
Wow! All this violence and social conflict is tiring me out. The dynasty that comes after the Zhou Dynasty is the Qin Dynasty. How will it start and how will it end?
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Zhou Dynasty in 1100 BC