Fidel Castro

the man sent from god


Fidel is a man of great power he helped the people get rid of the terrible government they had in total control of the country the people were oppressed until Fidel and his rebel army had fought back and taken care of the old government and replaced it with fidel castro as supreme overlord of the people which the people were very happy about, hes a man of the people. During his famous pre presidential speach he had a dove land on his shoulder which to christians is a sign of god as the second coming, a sign for peace from that moment on he was loved by the people unconditionally. Fidel was loved and still is by the people of cuba.

the revolution

Fidel became very sick of the government in cuba and had began a revolution he had a very limited amount of men but a very aggressive and well trained fidel and his army were very strong and eventually took the country for there own and the people were happy they could say and do as they wished.

For more info watch the 4 minute video above.

cuban missile crisis

Fidel had lost the respect of the american government after he had begun to lean toward the communist governmental style and became good friends with the USSR. At this point Cuba had been making missile silos being made for the missiles from the USSR that he had agreed to have been sent to cuba in order to attack the untied states if the united states launched there missiles from turkey this had almost started WWIII and it all would have been castros fault.


was fidel and his regne over cuba good or bad for the people and their beliefs?

the land of fidel

F reedom

I ntelligent

D estrucion of the currupt

E lite military

L oved by the people

C ontrole of cuba

A rticulate

S tuborn

T ruthfull

R ussia

O ppauled by the usa