Harappan Culture

Language, Trade, Culture, Religion.

Harappan Language

-The Harappan language is impossible to decipher. Linguist have not found any inscriptions that are bilingual.

-About 400 symbols make up the language.

-The language is found on stamps and seals made of stone . (used to trade pottery and tools.)

-Some signs stand alone and others are combined into words.

Harappan Culture

-Cities show remarkable uniformity i religion and culture.

-The housing suggests that social divisions were not great.

-Children's toys were made from clay and wood.

-Weapons and warfare have been found. The amount found suggests that conflict was limited.

Harappan Role of Religion

-Harappan religion is believed to be theocracy, but there has been no sites of temples found.

-Priests prayed for good harvests and safety from floods.

-Artifacts reveal links to Hindu culture.

-Figures show representations os Siva, a major Hindu god; mother goddess, fertility images, and worship of the bull.

Harappan Trade

-Conducted thriving trade with people in the community.

-Traded pottery and tools.

-God and silver came from north Afghanistan.

-Semiprecious stones from Persia and Deccan Plateau were made into jewelry.

-Indus River provided excellent transportation for goods.

-Brightly colored cotton cloth was desirable for trade. (Few people knew how to grow cotton.)

-Overland routes transported goods from Persia to the Caspian Sea.