The Coliseum Update

"The greatest victory is over self." Aristotle

Here are your worksite wellness leaders for October:

This fall has certainly shown that our members are not falling off the wagon. October brought another record breaking month for activity with 1,254 check-ins! The Coliseum cash goes to our top users for the month of October:

10). Jack Williams, Dominique Juif-Roberson & Matt Wilson- 19

9). Dennis Stockwell- 20

8). Dana Massey- 20

7). Jenelle Wheaton- 22

6). Jeannie Sanders- 23

5). Karen Little- 33

4). Sandy Garrett- 34

3). Barbara Sobol- 36

2). Sarah Burke- 36

1). Marilyn Judd- 38

*Sorry Christen & Haley, you have been voted off the island due to winning the last 3 months in a row :). But you will be back in the running for next month.

Here are the top 20 Coliseum choices for October:

Keep Steppin' Up!

The Step It Up Challenge & The Get Up Challenge is on.

This is the 4th week for you competitors taking the Step It Up and/or the Get Up Challenge! To receive your Coliseum cash and a T-shirt email your completed 4 week log of activity to the Coliseum before Wednesday the 27th.

Stairs are your friend. Some of the benefits of stair climbing include:

*Strengthening of joints- ankles, knees and hips

*Calorie burner

*Tones the lower body

*Decreases body fat

*Increases cardio health

*Increases coordination

*When climbing: remain upright, vertebrae straight, core tight, don't hold onto the rail (unless you about to fall) and get your arms involved. Keep your arms at 90 degrees and raise your left arm when you take a step with your right leg and so on...

How many have you conquered? Keep climbing!

Trouble Sleeping?

You are not alone, The National Sleep Foundation suggests over 30 million Americans struggle with getting adequate sleep. Sleep deprivation can effect your mood, energy levels and overall functioning.

It is true that different age groups generally need different amounts of sleep, however they suggest there is no magic number for the amount of sleep you need. The sleep need is individualized and "adequate" sleep is relative. The focus should be on making your surroundings conducive for optimal rest, avoiding stimulants you know work against you (ex: caffine or alcohol), and getting on the same sleeping routine. Below is a link to two articles for further discussion.

Monday Motivation

"Energy and persistence will conquer all things."

Benjamin Franklin

Challenge 36 is coming for 2014!

This is your chance to lead or participate via F.I.T Groups

Whatever your passion is, how you define your health and the connections to help you achieve your goals will be right here. And as many of you have completed various challenges, your next challenge is to lead one!

Get ready for Fun Interactive Training that is interest based and holistic. Additional info to come...