Monday Morning Motivation

February 15, 2016

Meeting Schedules

We have tried to keep our meetings on schedule, but some days it just doesn't work planning the Math Vertical Team meeting on February 12...EPIC FAIL on my part! We need to make some date changes to our meetings this month. We will NOT have a Vertical Literacy Team Meeting this Friday since we just had one. We will, however, have a Leadership Team meeting Friday at 2:00 pm in Mrs. Parks room. We will be revamping the Focus Walk form so that it better meets our needs. Leadership Team members, please be prepared to share suggestions on what changes you would suggest. I will have a hard copy of the form for us to work from. We will have our Math Vertical Team meeting February 26th and the Literacy Vertical Team meeting March 4th. Thank you for being flexible with the date changes.
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Fab Fridays in February

Thanks to all who participated in Fab Friday!! i think fun was had by all! I may or may not have been involved in some of the swapping and stealing going on! Enjoy the pictures from the event. This is guessing jar week! We have multiple jars filled with fun stuff. Guess the number of items and win the jar. Calendar can be found here.

Door Prize Winner for Fab Friday Picture

Stop by the office after lunch and pick up your prize!!
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Special Valentine's Day Blog Post by Mr. Adam Ellis

Important Dates for the week of February 15-19

Quiet Week Ahead!

Monday 2/15

#celebratemonday on Twitter tag @nortnik and #ceslearners ...Let's celebrate all that is great at CES!

2nd grade meeting in conference room at 1:00 pm

Wednesday 2/17

ACT Aspire Infrastructure (5th/6th only)

Friday 2/19

Leadership Team Meeting

Tuesday 2/23

E.A.S.T. Vision Building Workshop - Norton, Park, Brown, Morgenstern

Upcoming Fundraising Events -

PTS Cookie Dough Fundraiser March 1-15

Ocean Camp Artwork Fundraiser March 17-24

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Tech Tips of the Week