June 2021 WAVA Wave Newsletter

-WAVA Word of the Month is Reflection & Celebration-

Susan Boyer, WAVA Director of Academics

Welcome to June WAVA Students and Families!

As we head into our last two weeks of school I want to make sure we take time to celebrate those that need to be celebrated. First, I want to say congratulations to our WAVA graduates! On Sunday, June 6th WAVA will hold our graduation ceremony where we will virtually celebrate the accomplishments of our 235 graduates.

However, our graduates are not the only ones that should be celebrated. Our WAVA 8th graders will also be taking time to celebrate their accomplishments and their move to high school. And our 5th graders will have a celebration in the next two weeks to celebrate their move to 6th grade and middle school. YOU should also be celebrated! Remember that you have done something incredibly amazing but also hard—you have completed school virtually! Take a minute to reflect on the things that have gone well and the times that have been a struggle. Be sure to celebrate this year’s accomplishments with your family, learning coach and teacher.

Please make sure you take time to look at our different summer learning options. Our High School is offering summer school from July 5th to July 30th for those that need to make up any credits or classes to remain on track for HS graduation, sign-up today. Summer Enrichment Camps are available this summer for Grades K-12, stay connected with us. You will also find Brain Boost activities, TutorMe (grades 6-12), Family Challenges and Summer Activities available on the OLS announcements starting June 14th. Follow the National Engagement News for this and more!

Register for the upcoming year at WAVA and be sure to have your required forms completed. After you register if you are interested in Flex (our new flexible pathway) you can fill out the Flex Interest Form and our team will contact you. Thank you for choosing WAVA!

Susan Boyer

WAVA Director of Academics


Welcome to Summer with WAVA and K12/Stride

Stay connected this summer!

  • Summer Engagement Opportunities
  • Check the OLS for Summer Announcement after June 14th
  • WAVA Clubs in July/August
  • Summer School for HS grade bands
  • Summer Challenges in the Community on the K12 App
  • Look for announcement on Brain Boost to the OLS in June
Reflection and Celebration in June
WAVA June Message with Elementary School
WAVA Middle School in June with Principal Heistand
Welcome to June with Principal Warren
WAVA Prom 2021
WAVA Class of 2021
Welcome to WAVA Flex, our team is looking forward to meeting you!

Meet Ms. Jaecks

You are an inspiration to our students at WAVA Ms. Jaecks, thank you!

Why do you enjoy working at WAVA?

I like that WAVA gives students flexibility and ownership of their learning. In addition, I like the fact that WAVA allows students to use their learning styles and strengths to access the curriculum. The time management skills that WAVA requires is a skill and asset that will benefit students in the future. WAVA students are definitely learning skills to be successful in the future!

What is a fun fact about you? I am fluent in American Sign Language and taught Deaf and Hard of Hearing students for over 10 years. I even had the wonderful opportunity to teach college prep English courses to Deaf students in Jamaica one summer!

Meet Ms. Hamilton!

Ms. Hamilton has been with Omak and WAVA for 8 years and prior to that 3 years with WAVA Monroe.

Why do you enjoy working at WAVA?

I enjoy working at WAVA because I think it is a fantastic

opportunity for students. You can tell from my career

background that I saw the crucial role technology could

play in providing an alternative learning environment a

long time ago and the chance to be part of that is exciting. I

enjoy the challenge of making personal connections with

students in the virtual world. I know from my many years

of teaching that students remember how you treated them,

not the fantastic academic lesson you presented. So, I work

hard to provide a caring environment where all my

students feel valued and safe while they are learning the

skills in my classes.

Welcome to June at WAVA!

June Community Engagement News

Welcome to June! This month Registration is still open, be sure to Grab Your Spot and Save Your Spot for 2021-2022. Spaces are going quickly so be sure to Save Your Spot! WAVA is looking forward to having you back! We are introducing the Flex Program for 2021-2022 year for those interested in more flexible learning and independence. Be sure to fill out the survey if you are interested in Flex and meet our new Flex Team! On our K12 App you will find the Learning Coach Community for WAVA, we hope to see you there. Check it out and connect with others in your grade! Each month we have virtual experiences, Spirit Days, seasonal focused events, Clubs, Activities and more! Clubs have been happening weekly October to May and we are wrapping up with celebrations before going into summer! Thank you students that have been connecting each week in Travel, Baking, Coding, Community, Writing, Diversity, Teen Connect, Cartooning, Art, Movies, Gaming, Esports, Lunch Chats and more! This month participate in a K12/Stride Photo Contest and look at more ways to be engaged through our newsletter! We are here to connect with you! If you have experience with WAVA and want to be a Wavemaker to mentor other LC’s give us a shout! Be sure to fill out the optional WAVA Family Directory! Please let us know if you would like to give a special shoutout to your teacher and how let us know something special that is happening for your student! We would love to highlight your news here in our Staff Spotlight each month! You can share news on your student success with our National Social Media team through Project Elevate! If you are a Learning Coach interested in being on our Parent Advisory Council for 2021-2022, please contact us!

HS ASB Corner:

Way to go ASB for a wonderful month of May with our Prom, Pre-Prom Talent Show and Roaring Twenties "Mask"erade! Did you know that our High School has an amazing group of Student Leaders along with Advisor Mr. Humphreys that help run our ASB! This group of leaders and students collaborate to help create and run student lead ideas and activities throughout the year! Meet each Monday at 2pm with ASB!


Congrats WAVA Writing Club!

Our Writing Club lead by Ms. Ingrid Butler has created a masterpiece book written by the students, called Pholicia.

Here is the list of the amazing, dedicated writers that participated throughout the year in writing club that deserve a little special gift:

Will Johnson – mariotime0906@gmail.com

Josiah Foster - isaacswiss2@gmail.com

Ben Foster - Generalcat911@gmail.com

Kenzo Fonseca – kenzof3836@wava.org

Sidonie Walker – sidoniew6878@wava.org

Olivia (Livy) Raemer - oliviar3796@wava.org

Meet Ms. Hockaday

Ms. Hockaday is a Student Support Advisor at WAVA! Recently Ms. Hockaday is also helping with Community Engagement Support at WAVA. You may see Ms. Hockaday in a club, on social media, connecting in Lunch Chats or activities and working with student events!
WAVA Clubs Video, Come and Join us!
WAVA Students in Action and Connecting

Tutor Me for WAVA

Check it out! We are excited to partner with TutorMe to provide resources and tools in support to our Middle School and High School Age students. This service will be available to students soon and will provide skilled tutoring support in moments to your students 24 hours a day! Connect with a Tutor this month for your 8 hours of tutoring time and Dance Your Way to Prizes!!!
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June is Pride Month

Pride Month is a time to honor and celebrate all diversity we have at WAVA and in our communities and to honor all students with diversity and inclusion practices. At WAVA we have a Diverse Discussions Group that meets weekly and we look forward to continuing this group next year Octoboer to May!

We are Excited for the Class of 2021

Thank you Class of 2021 and all WAVA High School students for your hard work all year long! We are so proud of your accomplishments. We look forward to honoring our WAVA Graduates with a special ceremony June 6th @ 4pm. At WAVA we are working to prepare students from Middle School and Beyond to reach graduation and we have support in place with our team of Graduation Specialists. We are proud of every student and excited for your future.

WAVA Operations, Enrollment, Assesments

Registration is open, be sure you Grab and Save Your Spot!

Be sure to Grab Your Spot for 2021-2022. If you have questions about the Re-Registration Process; where it is completed or who is able to complete the process online, refer to the Re-Registration: Before you get started article. If you are interested in the Flex Program Option be sure to fill out the interest form.
What are the steps of the Re-Registration process?
What are the required documents that I need to submit to complete Re-Registration?

Reminder: June 18th is the last day to Re-Register to save your seat. Your registration is not complete until the Choice Transfer Form and Universal Re-Reg Form are received.

-Ms. Giske, WAVA Operations Manager

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Special Programs Support

Get to know Special Programs Assistant Principal Jennifer Tubbs:

Special Programs Team:

Special Programs Principal, Dolly Fernandes, and Special Programs Assistant Principal, Jennifer Tubbs, have a wonderful team working with your students and supporting them on their education journey! Stay tuned for a Spring Special Programs Night for WAVA Families!

If you have questions or concerns about the diverse needs of your learner, please contact -

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WAVA Clubs and Esports

At WAVA we want to connect with you and your students! Check out the options for WAVA Clubs and Esports. We have options for ages K-12 and hope to see you there! Visit our webpage on the WAVA Bulletin to learn more, sign-up and find access!

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Learning Coach Family Directory

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WAVA Parent-Student Compliance Handbook 2019-2020

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Success Stories

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Washington Virtual Academies

You know that your kids have something special inside them. We know it too. Washington Virtual Academies (WAVA) and K12 ignite the minds of children like yours to bring learning and innate possibility alive. Together, we are helping Washington students in grades K-12 reach their true, personal potential.

Omak Statement of Non-discrimination

Omak School District does not discriminate in any programs or activities on the basis of sex, race, creed, religion, color, national origin, age, veteran or military status, sexual orientation, gender expression or identity, disability, or the use of a trained dog guide or service animal and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups. The following employees have been designated to handle questions and complaints of alleged discrimination: Civil Rights Coordinator and Title IX Coordinator: LeAnne Olson, (509) 826-7687, lolson@omaksd.org or WAVA Family Resource Coordinator: Kathy Swartz, (253) 682-7906, kaswartz@k12.com; and Section 504 Coordinator: John Holcomb, (509) 826-8342, johnholcomb@omaksd.org , P.O. Box 833, Omak, WA 98841 or WAVA 504 Coordinator, Scott VanGerpen, (253) 591-6888 svangerpen@wava.org

El Distrito Escolar de Omak no discrimina en ningún programa o actividad por motivos de sexo, raza, credo, religión, color, nacionalidad, edad, estado militar o veterano, orientación sexual, expresión de género o identidad, incapacidad o el uso de un perro entrenado o un animal guía o de servicio, y proporciona el mismo acceso a los Boy Scouts y otros grupos de jóvenes que sean designados. Los siguientes empleados han sido designados para estar a cargo de preguntas y quejas de presunta discriminación: Coordinadora de Derechos Civiles y Coordinador del Título IX: LeAnne Olson, (509) 826-7687, lolson@omaksd.org; Coordinador de recursos familiares, Kathy Swartz, (253) 682-7906, kaswartz@k12.com; y el Coordinador de la sección 504: John Holcomb, (509) 826-8342, johnholcomb@omaksd.org, P.O. Box 833, Omak, WA 98841 or WAVA Coordinador de la sección 504, Scott VanGerpen, (253) 591-6888 svangerpen@wava.org.