Weekly Report

Keeping Teachers in the Know

How did you define SMART time?

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SMART time follow up

Thank you for all your hard work Monday. The wordle above reflects the campus responses to the outcomes for SMART time.

For your second goal (math/science/writing) we will need additional time to review the CFAs. Please look at your timeline that your team set and we will talk Tuesday about when I can sit with your team to review CFAs

March 23rd 2nd, 3rd and 4th will plan (double specials)

March 24th 1st, 5th and Kinder will plan (double specials)


February 25th-1st grade math PD 3-4pm Sign up is now available in eduphoria

February 26th-3rd grade ELAR PD 7:20-8:20

February 29th-3rd grade Reading simulation

February 29th-Literacy committee meeting 2-4

March 2nd- 4th grade Reading simulation

***Note schedule changes for the Reading Simulations*****

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