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Principal's Message

Welcome to October! The month of September was a very busy one and it just flew by. October is looking like it's going to be just as busy.

First of all, we would like to send out a huge congratulations to Ms. Stelten who is now Mrs Taylor because she got married this weekend. We are so happy for her and wish her and her new husband Chad all the best in their married life together. It might be a bit confusing at first with two Mrs. Taylors in the building but I'm sure we will figure out how to navigate that!

One of the big priorities for our school this year is putting into place a school-wide focus on Restorative Practices. According to the International Institute for Restorative Practices (who we are working very closely with), "All humans are hardwired to connect. Just as we need food, shelter and clothing, human beings also need strong and meaningful relationships to thrive." The pandemic has not done us any favours in helping our students connect with one another and this has lead to issues with mental health, emotional disregulation, and behaviour issues. "Restorative practices is an emerging social science that studies how to strengthen relationships between individuals as well as social connections within communities," according to IIRP. We have just started with this research-based best practice and will share how we progress through the journey throughout this year and the years to come. The change process is not immediate - we will not see earth-shattering changes in student behaviour - but we hope over time, we are able to build stronger bonds, and provide a greater sense of safety and belonging to each of our students. Research shows that developing these relationships with students and staff through a restorative practice model results in less bullying, less behaviour issues, and an overall improvement in student mental well being. The process of restorative practice also provides students a voice in the issues that matter most to them. We'll keep you posted on how things go as we learn and grow together through this process. In the meantime, ask your children about the use of circle meetings that are happening regularly within each of our classrooms to develop that sense of community, belonging, and voice. I've attached a brief video below from Alberta Education that outlines the basic premise of RP.

This past week, we took time to play homage to the Indigenous community as part of our collective responsibilty for Truth and Reconciliation. Students learned about the impacts of residential schools on the Indigenous community. They read books, watched videos, had classroom discussions, did classroom activities and did some arts and crafts to develop their understanding about the impacts of residential schools and about the importance of Truth and Reconciliation.

We also took time to honour Canadian hero Terry Fox. Thanks to the generous donations of our school community, we were able to raise over $3300 for cancer research. We would like to extand a huge thanks to our volunteers for helping us with this worthy cause and especially to our students who gave it their all to "Try Like Terry".

I wish you all the best for the month of October. I hope you and your family can enjoy a relaxing Thanksgiving! As always, if you have any questions, comments or concerns about anything we are doing at the school, feel free to reach out to me via email ( or call the school at 403-485-2074. Take care everyone!

Restorative Practice at VPE - Managing Behaviour & Building Community

Restorative practice

School Council Meeting Date Changed

Our school council meeting was scheduled for October 19 but has now been changed to October 5 at 6:30 pm. We will be meeting in person but parents are also welcome to attend via Google Meet. The link for the meeting will be emailed out to parents.

What's the Buzz in Kindergarten?

We've 'BEE'n Busy in Kindergarten

The first few weeks of kindergarten much time is spent getting comfortable with our classmates and learning all the routines which are crucial to a successful year.

At first it feels like all we do is put our shoes and jackets on and off, wash and eat but as we are getting quicker and more independent at the class procedures, we are able to get to the good stuff.

I’m thrilled that kindergarten is once again singing along to the alphabet and days of the week videos. O’Canada is part of the daily routine too. We have a quick class meeting where our teacher writes a note to us. We talk about how many words are in a sentence, we notice different letters, have discussions about where the words start on a page and so much more. A question is posed and everyone is encouraged to answer. This helps us build confidence speaking in front of others, helps us to learn patience and listening skills as we hear all our classmates answers and we learn about each other. Next comes a few morning exercises and stretches and then we do our calendar and weather chart. The children enjoy the Lively letter pictures and some children remember when Teacher Diane introduced them last year. So far we have learned Pp, Bb, Tt and Dd. Our main focus is to learn the sounds of the letters and recognize them when we see them.

Kindergarten numeracy time has been focused on counting to 10 and beyond, recognizing numerals 0 - 5 and when we do our morning exercises we count up and down from different numbers. P.E. time is a favourite with the children. They have been learning how to play gaga ball while the weather has been so lovely and sometimes we get a real workout playing tag games in the gym. Highlights of the week are Tuesdays and Wednesdays when the children get to borrow a book from Mrs. Eisler in the library and visit the art room with Mrs. Helland. Another favourite for the children is play centres. So far the children have been moving from one play area to the next with their table grouping. The centres have been changing weekly except for the honey bee centre which we have kept.

Of course reading and watching videos about bees has been interesting. Looking at a real honeycomb and tasting the honey was sweet! Bees sure work hard just like us. Looking ahead, we will do some fun stories, crafts and activities for Thanksgiving and Halloween and soon start using our printing books.

What's New in Grade 1/2

In Grade 1/2 this past month, we have spent a lot of time playing with our friends, getting to know each other and our teachers, and learning our classroom routines. A highlight from September included having guest speakers Marissa and Kristin in our classes making faceless dolls for Truth and Reconciliation Week. Students are enjoying playing outside on the playground at recess, enjoying the fresh air and beautiful weather we have had. As the weather gets cooler, please ensure students are bringing outdoor shoes and dressing for the weather.

In reading, we are enjoying picture books, reading together as a class, and reading independently. Students have learned the three ways to read a book and are getting better at reading on their own for longer periods of time! Students have really enjoyed getting to check out new books from the library. Our librarian Mrs. Eisler works with students to find awesome new books in the school library and is reading books with them during their class period. We are very excited to be able to use the library this year!

In writing, we have been working on printing letters and telling small moment stories. Students have been able to pick an event and write about it using sentence structure.

In math we have been learning about repeating and growing patterns, and even got to make some on our own. We have also been sorting objects into groups by one or two attributes. Students have an opportunity for math enrichment each day, and we have been working on number recognition and comparing numbers using dice and cards.

In science we have been learning all about creating colour. We have been mixing colours using paint and other materials, and have learned about the scientific process with a couple of experiments. Students were able to create a small explosion and even got to create some milk art.

In health students have been working on speaking kindly to themselves and others. We have talked about our inner critic and inner coach to encourage students to think positively. We are beginning work on teamwork and what it means to be a good team member. In PE students have been playing lots of team building games, getting exercise, and encouraging their friends while having a great time.

We are looking forward to October, which will bring excitement about the Terry Fox Run, Thanksgiving, Parent-Teacher Interviews, and Halloween.

Grade 3 Update

Grade 3s are excited to be back in class with their friends. We have been working on ‘get to know you activities’ to learn about our classmates, both new and old. As well as building relationships, we have been learning procedures and expectations. We have shown flexibility, adaptability, and problem solving skills. In math we have been working on our understanding of number concepts by skip counting to 1000. Have us skip count at home to demonstrate our skills. We are all excited about our Rocks and Minerals unit in science. We enjoyed collecting rocks, classifying them, showing them to our friends and smashing some of them to see what was inside. Time seems to really fly in grade 3 as we can’t believe September is over. One of our highlights was working cooperatively with our peers on an escape room activity. We used critical thinking skills to solve problems and puzzles. We really enjoyed the challenge.

Grade 4/5 News


We have already learned alot this year. To get us started, Mr. Dyck read a book called “The Three Questions'' by John J Muth. The three questions that are in the book are used to answer the question: How do I live a good life? The three questions are: “When is the best time to do things?”, “Who is the most important one?”, and “What is the right thing to do?”. Afterwards, we started the personal writing unit. We began by brainstorming ideas about things that we have experienced and writing a brief draft. Now that we have a couple drafts, we will choose our favorite story for the final draft.

By Elle U

Social Studies

So far we have learned about Canada, and it’s provinces and territories in social studies. We learned how to read a map by understanding the parts of a map. Afterwards we completed a map of Canada. We are currently working on the passport to Canada assignment, where we learn about each province and territory in more detail, such as: main foods, what they're known for, what their industries and resources are, and when they joined confederation.

By Logan P


In math we are learning about different forms of big numbers, such as: expanded, standard and written form. The Grade 5s are learning up to millions, while the grade 4’s are learning up to the ten thousands. Currently, we are learning how to round big numbers. We begin our math classes by completing 3 questions that are different levels of difficulty. Each question is a review of what we learned from the previous day. They are tricky and challenging, but they’re really fun to do!

By Bella C

Grade 6 Scoop

Science Presentation

By Hailey and Mya

If you love extreme weather then keep reading and find out more about different types of weather.

So far this month the Grade 6 students of VPE have been learning about different types of weather and have went on a meets with David Spence who is the meteorologist on CTV news. He taught us about extreme weather. Then let us ask him all kinds of questions about it.

He showed us videos of tornadoes, thunderstorms, hail and chinooks. He showed us how they learn about the weather forecast and taught us about weather balloons as well. The balloons went out almost to space and came back down and got tracked. A school in Ontario sent a weather balloon up with a go pro attached to it. It took 1 hour and 30 minutes to go up and only 30 minutes to come down.

“All the information he taught us was very interesting,” said grade 6 student Hannah Miller.

“It was really cool to learn about different types of storms and watching the tornado videos,” said Grade 6 student JJ

They also got to interview real-life storm chaser, Chris Chittick who shared lots of great stories and videos as well.

It was really fun to learn about different storms and clouds in science. Next we will be learning about electricity.

Big picture

PE and Recess at VPE

By Hannah M and Janey A

Recess is so much fun and every school is doing it but now everything has changed because of COVID. Then there is P.E and nothing really has changed except for one thing. Keep reading to find what has changed in recess and P.E

Every student in VPE is doing P.E for physical activity. We started this on the first day of school which was September 2nd. This is at VPE and sometimes it is inside and sometimes it is outside. We do this for fiscal activity and to have fun.

Recess is a normal thing in elementary because the kids need breaks from school work. All the things kids do is play on the parks, swings, gaga ball, Basketball court and play football. We started this on the first day of school which was September 2nd. This is at VPE and we always go outside for our recesses unless it is -20. We do this because then we get fiscal activity and have a tiny break from learning. Mrs. Inaba chose times for our 3 recesses at the start of the school year. This year is different from last year because we get to share with the 4/5s instead of your own class. A grade 6 student named Mya Gauthier said “I am very happy that we have recess and P.E because then I get a break and I get to have some activity for the day.”

VPE is very active and we hope you are too.

Intramurals-A Cool Thing

1 Week of Intramurals

By: Laine G and Oliver F

Hello wonderful VPE parents and kids. There is a wonderful sport full of Grade 4 through 6 students that love sports. You probably have been told by your kid that they started to get into something called Intramurals. This means they might be on a team like the Red Canadians or the Yellow Yampers,Blue Bombers, Purple Pikachu, Green Gators and the Black Bandits.

The first intramurals is soccer and soon it could be dodgeball. This will happen in the gym every lunch recess. Your kids might like this because they get to have good competition and good sportsmanship. All the teams have at least some people that have experience and some that don't and are just getting into sports. This will get them exercise, so let's get into the games so far this week.

On Monday, September 13th 2021 the first game would start and the teams were Yellow Yampers VS Blue Bombers. This game was such a close game that no one scored until 3 minutes before the game ended. Oliver Friesen, a Grade 6 boy got a victory for his team. Oliver Friesen quoted after, “It was a good game and a fun sport. I wish more people would play soccer. It is a fun sport to play.” Oliver Friesen is a very experienced soccer player who started playing when he was only 4.

On Tuesday, September 14th it was Black Bandits VS Green Gators!

This game no one won because it tied 3-3. It even went into shootouts and no one won! Leiland a Grade 6 student quoted, “Intramurals are too short it needs to be longer.” Hunter from the Black Bandits exclaimed “It was a good game and the competition was hard to try and win against.”

The last game of this week was on Wednesday, September 15th and it was the Red Canadians VS Purple Pikachu and this game Red Canadians won 4-0 This game was a fast start with Laine Gorzitza the goalie had got the first goal in the first fews seconds because there goalie. Everyone was stoked about what happened because of how fast it was. A Grade 6 student Laine Gorzitza quoted “The Purple Pikachu team was a hard challenge with Grace Ramer a happy and amateur soccer player with a quote of, “Even though we didn't win I still had fun!”

Even though it has been delayed because of COVID-19 we will hope that we get to do it again in the future!

Cross Country Fun

By Ronan S

On an extra special day at school we had a cross country run day. It was Wednesday, September 22 and all the Grade 4, 5 and 6 students from VPE did it. It was at the Vulcan Golf Course on the back nine. It was a part of our PE time and a great way to get active with some fun competition.

The parent volunteers set it all up and walked us through it and then it was race time. Everyone was getting ready for it. The Grade 6s boys were up first. It was a race to the finish.

Some of the top times were Hannah Miller’s time of 13:56 which was the fastest time of the day. Also Lincoln Fulton’s time of 14:21 made him the fastest boy of the day. There was lots of cheering and energy from all the VPE students. Grade 6 student Hannah Miller said, “The 1800m was challenging but it was lots of fun!”

So that's the cross country fun.

Book Fair Coming

We are happy to announce the Book fair is back and will be in-school for students only, and virtual for parents and loved ones! Students will be able to shop in person at the school from Tuesday, October 19- Thursday October 21! Parents and loved ones will have access to the book fair via a virtual link Friday, October 15- Thursday, October 21 and can do all your shopping online. Orders will get shipped to the school to save on shipping costs! Watch your email and our Facebook page for more information and the link as we get closer to the event. Get all your Christmas shopping done early!
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Threat Assessment Protocols for Palliser School Division

Our focus is on student safety!

For your information, here is a link to Palliser School Division's Threat Assessment Protocol - Admin Procedure 317. ( Palliser Threat Assessment Protocol )
Student safety is our utmost concern and every threat that is made is assessed by a collaborative process (called the C-STAG - Comprehensive School Threat Assessment framework) to decide if it is a substantive threat (serious) or a transient threat. Most threats uttered are transient - words uttered in anger, frustration, or even as a joke - where there is no real intention to harm others. The C-STAG framework we follow allows us to follow a decision tree process to break down the threat and assess the level of risk, if any. Many factors come into play within the decision tree including the age and maturation of the child, special needs or exceptionalities. If you have any questions regarding our threat assessment protocols, feel free to reach out to Mrs. Inaba.

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