End of Semester News

Spring 2017

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It has been a pleasure having you in my class! Thank you for a great semester.

I have gotten to know some of you very well via chat sessions, phone conversations, and email.

I wish each of you the best.

Please feel free to email me and update me with what is going on in your world!!

End of Semester Reminders

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Late Policy

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I have had some email me regarding completing items that are overdue. Please make sure that you have reviewed the GaVS late policy regarding the weekly due dates and zeros entered after 3 school days. NO work is accepted over 3 school days late.

What do I need to make on my final exam??

I have had a few inquiries regarding what you need to score on your final exam for a certain grade outcome. Please note, there are no other extra credit opportunities or remediation to be provided.

Here is the formula to calculate your grade:

Your Grade = 0.15( assignment average) + 0.05 ( discussion average) + 0.4 ( Test Average) + 0.2 ( Qz Average) + 0.2( Final exam grade)

*For AP Stats:

You Grade = 0.15( assignment average) + 0.1( discussion average) + 0.35 ( Test Average) + 0.2 ( Qz Average) + 0.2( Final exam grade)

Here are a few suggestions:

· Review office hours on topic that you need help.

· Attend Final Exam review sessions.

· Review all of the missed quiz questions.

· Review notes and ask questions

Note: Questions that you see on your quizzes might come up again in your Final exam.

What about my extra credit?

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Extra credit will be added after the final exams.

The last day to turn in assignments is Monday, May 8, 2017

All assignments must be handed in prior to 11:59 p.m. to be accepted for credit. Dropboxes, quizzes, and discussions will all close at this time. There are no extensions past this date. All work must be submitted prior to taking the final exam. You may only submit assignments from this week. Old assignments will not be accepted.

Final Exams

  • Final exams open Wednesday, May 10th @ 12:01 am and close Thursday, May 11th @ 11:59 pm. Exams are only available during this time frame. (Please do not attempt to submit or complete any other/past coursework.)

  • Once the exam opens it must be completed within the timeframe allotted for the course and within one sitting.
  • There are NO extensions. There are NO exemptions.
  • Be sure that you complete your exams using a trusty computer with a trusty connection – NO EXCUSES!!! Final exams will not be reset.
  • You must to make sure you have the latest Java version and latest browser version, preferably Chrome or Firefox.
  • Objective Final Exam (20%) The objective final exam (multiple choice) is a cumulative exam covering all of the material covered this semester. The format of the exam is very similar to the exams you are used to taking. To prepare for the exam, use any notes you have, take a look at the review sections of the content, listen to corresponding Adobe Session links. Revisit your assignments for all units as well as re-reading the quiz and test feedback (very useful).

When can I find out my grade?

Grades will be released to your transcript and local schools on Thursday, 5/18, as long as there are no issues.

: I cannot communicate grades via phone or email. You MUST login to retrieve your final course grade.

To Access Summer Grades:

  • Log into Student Portal
  • Select "Grades" from the Green Sidebar Menu
  • Set Menu to Spring 2017. Click "Get Grades" button.

Course Closes May 12, 2017

After May 12, 2017 at 11:59 p.m., you will no longer have access to the course. If you will need study materials beyond this point you should download and save these prior to this date.

Viewing Quiz Feedback

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Enjoy your summer!!!

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Thank you for all your hard work this semester! You have been a great group to work with and I have enjoyed working with each of you. Best wishes!

Thank You Video

Minion Thank You


My contact information can be found below and also on the Teacher Information Box in the course homepage.

Hours of Availability:

Monday - Friday


If you have questions or concerns, feel free to email me or call at the number below. You may also reference the Spring 2017 Student Handbook for additional information and answers to general questions.

Please note my contact information above.

Keep my phone number & email address in a place that is easy to reach. If you have a special circumstance, please let me know. Here are some situations that might merit an immediate contact:

* Medical situation (hospitalization, extreme sickness, injury): Contact me BEFORE a due date if you have been too sick to complete work. Please note that a note from the doctor may be required to authorize any extensions for sickness.

* Technology emergency: Please notify me BEFORE a due date if you experience a technology issue. If you lose power, get kicked out of a test, have a computer crash, or other extreme situation, please let me know immediately. We understand that these things happen, but also expect students to have a back-up plan for technology issues. Plan to use a computer at school, the library, a friend or family member's computer, etc.

* General Assignment/Course Questions: These are best answered by email, but feel free to call me as well.