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Face the Facts with Fun

Day 4: Rare Photographs

Thank you Stephen Wright

Set up:

Yesterday we made some thin book covers and played with flip flopping to find the laughter and the hidden truth. Today we are going to do the same thing with Rare Photographs. Comedian Stephen Wright came up with this. He says, " I have a rare photograph of Houdini locking his keys in his car." I love that joke because we all know Houdini is famous for getting out of locks. Let's do some research and create some more rare photographs.

Find a subject and collect facts about them. It can be a animal species, a political figure, a historical figure. Now ask yourself one question. What are they most famous for? Or what is a dominant character trait?


The joke here is that you are going to create a rare photograph of the opposite of what they are famous for. I have a rare photograph of___________________.. Abraham Lincoln shaving? A rabbit eating a steak, a honeybee getting lost.

Try doing a few rare photographs and you will find that one is funny. Hidden truth fuels humor. When we flip flop we find a rare point of view that helps us think as we giggle. Send me your photo and i will post them with this lesson.

Big picture