Hydropower Can Power You!!!

By:Ansley Schulz, Janiyah Montgomery, Hannah Pearce

The pros and Cons


  • clean
  • renewable
  • cheaper
  • tides
  • prevents flood


  • drought
  • flood
  • hard to transport electricity
  • have negative affect in our environment

The cost

About 10 cents per kilowatt-hour.

Usefulness in our world

  • cheaper to operate than than regular electricity

Why renewable resources are better than nonrenewable resources?...

  • because renewable resources can be replaced in our life time and nonrenewable resources can't.


Every state uses hydro power for electricity and some states use a lot of it.Over 70% of Washington state electricity comes from hydro power, and 11 states get more than 10% of their electricity from hydro power.

Hydro power is one of the oldest power sources on the planet, (generating power when flowing water spins a wheel or turbine.) It was used by farmers as far back as ancient Greece from mechanical tasks like grinding grain. Hydro power is also a renewable energy source and produces no air pollution or toxic by products.

Hydro power today provides about 20% of the world's electricity and is the main energy source for more than 30 countries.

Hydro power needs more researching in order to decrease it's negative environmental impacts on river ecosystems.Hydro power can also be used for water supply, flood control, irrigation, and even recreation purposes.

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