Chartres Cathedral

By: Zach D.


The Chartres Cathedral is located in France. it is 16, Cloitre Notre Dame, Chartres France. The Cathedral is located about fifty miles south.
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Picture of the floor plan of the Chartres Cathedral.
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Picture of where Chartres is located on a map


The Sacredness of Chartres is its fine architecture and its stained glass. Their Gothic architecture is considered to be sacred geometry, considered to have the most spiritual monuments in the world. The length of the Chartres is 426ft. The Height of the nave is 121ft. A nave of a church is the central part of the church. The height of the North west tower is 370ft. The South west tower is 344ft tall. People think of the Gothic architecture is dark and sombre. This Cathedral is like any other type of Cathedral because of the medieval architecture under 19th century architecture.
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This is the eleven ring Labyrinth in the Chartres Cathedral And the inside of the cathedral.
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Picture of some of France with the Cathedral in the back of it


The Chartres cathedral used to be known as the Cathedral of our lady. Our lady a lot of Egyptians worshiped her, 1201s- 1600s. The Black Madonna is the guardian of the world of how and why they worshiped her because she was the guardian of the world. The cathedral was mostly built between 1193-1250.They had to rebuild the cathedral a couple time due to fires and wars. The stain glass had to be taken off the cathedral from the French revolution and most of the stained glass is from the french revolution the rest is from people paying for it to be made and put together it was 80 cents for a little piece of stained glass. The stained glass also had to be removed for World War 2. The south west tower is from 1140s and the north west one is from 16th century.
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Stained glass that is in the cathedral


The sacredness of my place has a lot to do with the Gothic architecture. The architecture is very important to people go worship because it has many of the statues that they worship to like the one of Marian with a baby. Christians and Catholic go there to worship. They went there to worship the Virgin Mary. They also went to this to worship homage of God. Marian remains are considered very holy and worshiped by Christians.


People go there who are Catholic and Christian. Chartres Cathedral is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, and in the Middle Ages pilgrims came from far and wide to see a holy remains a sacred tunic worn by Mary, and to worship in one of the most magnificent cathedrals in Europe. People also go there to worship the homage God or Christ. The sculptures on the west side of the Facade, Christs ascension into heaven and other scenes from Christs life but mostly Christ in Marys hand on her lap. The Labyrinth in the church is usually walked for special reasons like a funeral or The first Friday after Lent.
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This is labyrinth for special ceremonies or religious reasons

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