1st Grade Newsletter

March 23 - 27, 2015


Reading--expository text (non-fiction), ask questions during reading, make inferences

Grammar--adjectives that compare (ex: high, higher, highest)

Math--personal financial literacy (define charitable giving and distinguish between spending and saving)

Science--classify and sort living and nonliving objects

The Sharing Jar

This coming week in math we are continuing our personal financial literacy unit. One objective we will teach is charitable giving. We thought the best way for the students to understand charitable giving is for them to participate in giving.

For the entire week of March 23rd - 27th, each first grade teacher will have a "Sharing Jar" in her classroom. Students are encouraged to bring some of their change from home to donate and put in our Sharing Jar. At the end of the week, each classroom will count all of the change that their class donated and we will combine it with the other first grade classes to find the grand total. We will donate all change given to the Humane Society of North Texas.

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Spelling Words--Test on Friday, March 27th

Spelling Pattern--ar

1. cart

2. barn

3. arm

4. art

5. yarn

6. harm

7. chart

8. smart

9. would

10. house


11. living

12. adjective

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, March 24th--picture day

March 30th - April 3rd--CLOSED CAMPUS due to 4th grade STAAR Testing--During this week we cannot have any parents or visitors on campus because of secure testing materials. You will not be able to walk your child to class in the mornings or eat lunch with them during this week. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Monday, April 6th--We WILL have school this day. It is one of our "bad weather" make up days. This is the only bad weather day students will have to make up.

***Thursday, May 7th*** Open House has been rescheduled for this date. Please mark your calendars. We hope you can join us!

1st Grade Teachers

Mrs. King, Mrs. Stanford, Ms. Sanderson, Mrs. Norwood, Mrs. Wright, Ms. Cook, Mrs. Dossey (left to right)

Conference time: 12:50 - 1:45