Many People Many Adversities

By Jimmy Ashley

What is Persevering

Perseverance means to never give up when faced with adversities. It means to do challenging things without giving up at all. Most importantly, perseverance means that if you fail 19 times, you will succeed on the 20th. Persevering takes someone that is willing to always try their hardest no matter what conditions. 3 characteristics someone needs to have to overcome adversities is resilient, hard working, and optimistic.

Lady Jags -Description

The Lady Jags are an all girls basketball team that are determined to play their hardest in every game. They have faced many adversities and hardships throughout their whole life. Some examples of these tribulations are, drugs, alcohol, poverty, and mental illness. This team has persevered through all of these afflictions from the help of Carol Academy and the coaches on the team. This school gave them the right education and the coaches taught them life skills through every game. Even though The Lady Jags lost 212 games in a row, they took all those loses and learned something. This team transformed all of the players into new and better people.They also became closer as a team from this. The lady jags aren't just a girls basketball team, they are a family that perseveres through everything in life.
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This is a picture of The Lady Jags in a huddle preparing for a game.

Winston Churchill -Sequence/ Process

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Carry on -Compare and Constrast

Dartanyon Crockett and Leroy Sutton were the subject of the ESPN documentary “Carry On”. Dartanyon Crockett and Leroy Sutton are both known for their accomplishments, but they faced different hardships and adversities to get to where they are today. Leroy and Dartanyon are alike in several ways. Both Leroy and Dartanyon had a very difficult childhood. Dartanyons mom died and his dad was a drug addict so he basically lived on the streets. Leroy’s mom was a drug addict and his dad was in jail. When he turned eleven he lived with his grandma. Another similarity they have is they both played for their high school wrestling team. Even though Dartanyon was a better fighter than Leroy, Leroy fought his hardest and ended the season with a few wins. Both of them have life changing problems but the they were different. Leroy was ran over by a train and both his legs were chopped up by it. Dartanyon is legally blind. He was born with Leber’s disease and he can't see over five feet away. They both graduated from a high school where there is only a 50% chance of graduation. Many kids there had homes and no problems with them and still didn't graduate. This shows how much Dartanyon and Leroy really had to persevere through high school. Another way they differ is how they ended up as grown men. Dartanyon focused his career on judo. He went to the paralympics in colorado and earned himself a bronze medal. He doesn't have a family and he isn’t married. On the other hand, Leroy is a video game designer. He is married and has a baby girl. Even though these two people may look very different, they have an unbreakable bond and friendship that makes them the same exact person.

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This is a picture of Leroy and Dartanyon together.

Eric Legrand -Problem and Solution

Eric Legrand’s problem was he was playing in a football game he he got hit very hardly. He was paralyzed neck down and suffered lots of pain. One solution to solve this tragic injury is he has his mom watch him 24 hours a day She takes extremely good care of him and treats him well. Another solution is he goes to Physical Therapy almost every day and he gets very good training there. Therefore, he has gained some movement in his arms and can balance himself while sitting down. The third solution is he has many supporters around the U.S. As a result, these people motivate him to become a stronger and better person. A different solution is His coach gave him a spot in the NFL on the Buccaneers, an elite football team. Since he did this, his confidence transcended and he felt very good about himself. The last piece of the puzzle he never gets in a bad mood and is very optimistic about his life. From a guy that could be playing in the NFL but is now sitting in a wheelchair and doing Pt all day from just one hit is pretty sad. The amazing thing about this though is he never gives up, if I got paralyzed from the neck down, I don't think I would have the motivation to walk and a treadmill for an hour everyday. In conclusion this makes him a more happy person by never giving up and makes other people happy around him to see someone that happy with those kind of problems.
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This is a picture of Eric and his Coach in the NFL.

Maury Wills -Cause and Effect

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What I've Learned From This Quarter

I've learned many fascinating stories about people persevering from different times. Something all these people had in common was they kept trying and trying until they overcame what they were facing. This shows that if you try your hardest for no matter how long it takes, you will eventually succeed and triumph your goal.